Why is the ultrapure water equipment blocked?

Ultra-pure water equipment uses pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, ultra-purification treatment and post-treatment methods to almost completely remove the conductive medium in the water, and remove the non-dissociated colloidal substances, gases and organic matter in the water to a very low state. The ultrapure water equipment will encounter some common problems during normal operation. Why does the blockage occur?

Reasons for blockage of ultrapure water equipment:

Inorganic fouling

If the EDI inlet water contains a lot of solutes and exceeds the design value or the recovery rate exceeds the design value, it will cause the structure of the concentrated water chamber and the cathode chamber, and the precipitation of salt substances will be formed. Usually the type of scaling is calcium and magnesium ion generation. Carbonate. Even if the concentration of these substances is very small and the contact time is very short, with the accumulation of running time, there is still the possibility of scaling. This kind of hardness and scaling can be easily removed by pickling. Use low PH solution to circulate and flush inside the EDI system to remove the fouling in the concentrated water chamber and the cathode chamber. When the content of iron and manganese in the influent water is high, or the high TDS enters the EDI module, it will also cause the ion exchange resin in the fresh water chamber or the concentrated water chamber to form inorganic fouling. It can also be washed by pickling.

Particle/colloid fouling

When the particle size of the inlet water is> 5um, the inlet flow channel will be blocked, which will cause uneven water distribution inside the module, which will reduce the overall performance of the module. If the water entering the EDI module does not directly enter the EDI module from the RO product water end, but is supplied through the RO product water tank through an overpressure pump, it is recommended to add a security filter (<0.2um) before entering the EDI module. When assembling EDI equipment, all connecting pipe systems should be flushed to prevent particles in the pipes from entering the module.

Organic matter fouling

When the TOC or TEA content of the influent organic matter pollution exceeds the design standard, the ion exchange resin and ion membrane of the fresh water chamber will be blocked by organic fouling. High PH value syrup can be used to circulate cleaning the fresh water chamber and the concentrated water chamber, and organic molecules can be removed by ion exchange resin to clean this kind of fouling.

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