How to maintain and maintain ultrapure water equipment

The principle of all ultra-pure water equipment is the same. The tap water is pretreated by a precision filter element and an activated carbon filter element to filter sediment and other particulate matter and adsorb peculiar smells, so that the tap water becomes cleaner, and then it is processed through a reverse osmosis device. The water is purified and desalinated, and the purified water enters the storage tank for storage.

Ultra-pure water equipment is mainly filtered through four items: precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. They all have a relative lifespan. The precision filter element and the activated carbon filter element actually protect the reverse osmosis membrane. If they fail, the load of the reverse osmosis membrane will increase and the lifespan will be shortened. If you continue to start the machine, the pure water will be produced. The water quality will decline, and the burden of the reverse osmosis membrane will be increased, and the life of the reverse osmosis membrane will be shortened. The end result is to increase the use cost of ultra-pure water equipment.

Therefore, matters needing attention in the use of ultrapure water equipment:

  1. The precision filter element is mainly used to filter the sediment and large particles in the water. The new filter element is white and will become brown after a long time. The reason is that the sediment filtered by the filter element is deposited on the surface. This shows that this filter element It is no longer available, and the filter element needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  2. The activated carbon filter element is mainly to remove the peculiar smell, residual chlorine and other organic matter in the water. Generally, the activated carbon should be replaced once a year, because the total surface of the activated carbon cannot be changed.
  3. Reverse osmosis membrane is a very important component in ultrapure water equipment. The life of reverse osmosis membrane is generally 2-3 years. The above is the need to pay attention to during the use of ultrapure water equipment.
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