Chemical industry water refers to the pure water in the manufacturing process of chemicals, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics, electroplating, batteries (batteries), softened water and demineralized pure water required for the textile printing and dyeing process.
The design of this pure water system combines the requirements of pure water used in the chemical industry to formulate a standard type of pure water system suitable for use in this industry. The following is an introduction to the system:

Economical: ion exchange pure water system

This system is designed with multi-media filter, activated carbon filter and security filter as the pre-treatment, which can effectively remove the suspended solids, mud sand, particles, organic silica gel, organic matter, odor, residual chlorine and other impurities in the raw water, so that the ion The water quality after the exchange treatment meets the requirements of industrial production. After passing through the back end, a finishing system (mixed bed system) is carried out to make the water quality of the produced water meet the requirements of production water.

Principle description of industrial ultrapure water equipment

Ion exchange is a special solid adsorption process, which is carried out by an ion exchanger in an electrolyte solution. The general ion exchanger is a solid particulate substance insoluble in water, namely ion exchange resin. It can absorb a certain cation or anion from the electrolyte solution, and exchange another ion with the same charge symbol contained in it in an equal amount and release it into the solution, which is the so-called ion exchange. According to the types of ions exchanged, ion exchangers can be divided into two categories: cation exchangers and anion exchangers.

How ion exchange works

a. First, electrolyte ions (calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, etc.) pass through the liquid film and enter the resin surface; b. The ions enter the resin; c. H ions or OH radical ions enter water to form H2O. Double bed is also called compound bed. The compound bed is a series connection of two different ion exchange exchangers, such as strong acid cation exchange resin and strong base anion exchange resin. This kind of equipment composed of a cation bed and an anion bed in series is called a compound bed. The water first removes the positively charged ions (such as Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+) through the cation bed, and replaces the H+ ions into the water; then remove the negative in the water. ions (such as SO2-4, Cl-, HCO-3), and displace OH- ions into water. At the same time, H+ ions and OH- ions combine to form water H2O, thereby achieving the effect of deionization.

Working principle of mixed bed

In the same exchanger, the anion and cation exchange resins are filled according to a certain volume ratio, and the anion and cation exchange are carried out in a uniformly mixed state to remove the salt in the water, which is called mixed bed desalination treatment. During the exchange process, the anion and cation exchange resins in the mixed bed are in a state of uniform mixing, staggered, and in contact with each other, which can be regarded as a multistage compound bed composed of many anion and cation exchange resins. Equivalent to 1000 ~ 2000 level. Because of the uniform mixing, the exchange reactions of anions and cations are carried out almost simultaneously, and the generated H+ and OH- are then synthesized into H2O.

System structure process

Pre-treatment equipment (multi-media filtration equipment, activated carbon filtration equipment) + ion exchange equipment = pure water

Application range

  • Power plant, thermal power plant water supply
  • Circulating cooling (condensing) water
  • Chemical and petrochemical process water
  • Chemical reaction cooling water
  • Process pure water for chemical agent and fine chemical manufacturing process
  • Pure water for chemical process water, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

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