What is water pretreatment?

What is water pretreatment?

The pretreatment of water is the primary treatment performed in advance before the water purification treatment, so that the water purification can obtain a good effect. Because most of the water contains a large amount of impurities, such as: sediment, clay, organic matter, microorganisms, etc., the existence of these impurities seriously affects the water purification effect and must be reduced or removed. These methods are called pretreatment. Due to various factors such as different water quality conditions in different regions, different uses of water purifiers, different production capacities, and different system designs, the filter materials used in pretreatment are also different. The main purpose is to establish a good environment before purifying water.

What are the main methods of pre-processing?

  1. Precipitation: It is treated by natural precipitation method with large volume and low flow rate, such as sedimentation tank.
  2. Coagulation: Use iron, aluminum, polymer and other coagulants to form large particles of sediment with impurities in water through flocculation and bridging, and then remove them through other equipment.
  3. Filtration: The treated water flows through a device equipped with special filter materials to “retain” impurities in the water and remove them.
  4. Softening: Use chemical agents or cation exchange resin methods to remove calcium, magnesium and iron ions in water.
  5. Disinfection: Add chemicals or use ultraviolet, ozone and other methods to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria in the water.
Activated Carbon Pretreatment
C100E ion exchange resin pretreatment

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