Principle and product characteristics of non-negative pressure water supply equipment

Assembly process and principle of non-negative pressure water supply equipment:

The assembly process consists of a group of pumps in turn, the combination of inlet and outlet pipes required to connect the pumps, the steady flow tank, and the addition of a PLC intelligent control system. In this way, the assembly is a complete set of product processes that integrate the parameters required by the user as follows:

When the water in the tap water pipe network enters the steady flow tank, the exhaust valve starts to exhaust, and the exhaust valve closes after the water is full. When the pressure of the tap water itself can meet the water requirements, the system pressure signal is fed back to the frequency conversion control by the remote pressure gauge. The Shanghai Chunjiang water pump runs and automatically adjusts the pump speed according to the water consumption. If the water volume of the tap water network is less than the water pump flow, the water in the steady flow tank can still be used as a supplementary water source to supply water normally. At this time, the air is discharged from the exhaust valve. Entering the steady flow tank, the vacuum in the tank is destroyed, ensuring that the water pipe network does not generate negative pressure.
After the peak of water use, the system returns to the normal water supply state. When the water supply network is cut off, the liquid level of the steady flow tank continues to drop. The liquid level detector feeds back the signal to the variable frequency controller, and the water pump automatically stops and resumes operation after water supply.
The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is that the water source comes from the reservoir, so that the pressure of the tap water is relieved, and the reservoir needs secondary disinfection equipment. The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is a stacked water supply method that directly utilizes the pressure of the water pipe network, which is hygienic, energy-saving and has a small comprehensive investment. After installation and commissioning, the water in the water pipe network first enters the steady flow tank, and the air in the tank is automatically removed by the vacuum eliminator. When the pressure sensor installed at the outlet of the equipment detects that the pressure of the water pipe network meets the water supply requirements, the system will directly supply the system without the pressure pump; How much to make up; when the water volume of the water pipe network is insufficient, the air enters the steady flow tank from the vacuum eliminator to destroy the vacuum in the tank, and the water supply in the steady flow tank can be automatically extracted, and no negative pressure is generated in the pipe network.

The way of water supply:

  1. Because the water tank can effectively handle the water volume, that is, the water volume is stored when the water consumption is not at the peak (at this time, the flow rate Q from the tap water pipeline can provide is greater than the water volume required by the user, that is, Q from > Q for use), while in the The stored water volume is released when the peak of water consumption (Q from < Q use =), so it can effectively ensure the reliability of the user’s water use. At the same time, because the water pipe is connected to the water pump through the water tank, the water pump will never cause any damage to the water pipe network. Negative pressure, but the original pressure in the water pipe network cannot be used by the water pump, which will inevitably cause a waste of energy; water supply method.
  2. Although the original pressure of the pipe network can be used when Q from > Q, it cannot meet the peak water consumption because there is no water storage device, so the reliability of the user’s water consumption cannot be ensured, and the water pipe network will be affected during peak water consumption. Suction (this is determined by the nature of the pump itself), so it cannot be widely used. Frequency conversion water supply equipment is widely used in urban high-rise buildings for water supply. It can effectively control the pressure setting. It adopts a special frequency converter for hydrostatic water, slow start, slow stop, no starting current, no water hammer and small vibration.


  1. Integrated professional design, compact structure, the system can be directly installed in the water tank (for example, the construction of the pump room can be reduced outdoors), the investment is low, the installation is convenient, and the appearance is beautiful.
  2. Using the superposition of the pipe network pressure and the automatic frequency conversion operation mode, the energy saving effect is significantly improved (more than 40%).
  3. It is easy to install and install, there is only one municipal water pipe network inlet and one water supply outlet.
  4. Stable operation, small vibration and low noise (the noise value is lower than 60 decibels).
  5. The water supply of the system is stable (even if the pipe network is temporarily cut off, the water can be supplied normally through the water tank), which fully guarantees the pressure at the end of the system.
  6. The automatic inspection function can be added to reduce the cost of property management.
  7. It adopts PLC programmable controller or touch screen water supply controller to run fully automatically, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

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