What is the difference between pure water and general untreated water?

The taste of pure water

Pure water tastes very good because it is free from impurities. In addition to having no peculiar smell when you drink it raw, you will feel glycol and sweetness at the end of the tongue and throat after you lower your throat

The benefits of pure water

  • Tea brewed with pure water is particularly mellow, and even more resistant to brewing than ordinary water (for longer brewing); of course, the same is true for coffee and milk.
  • Rice cooked with pure water is particularly white and Q (strong).
  • In the clam soup boiled with pure water, the clam meat shows a particularly obvious phenomenon of swelling after boiling, and the clam meat contains a lot of soup, and the taste is particularly good, which is really a great enjoyment in life.
  • In the hot summer, use a container (such as a special bottle) to store water in the refrigerator. When it is cold, take it out and drink it. It feels better than drinking mineral water or other beverages. Because pure water is glycolic and sweet, then The feeling of cool and comfortable shares is really indescribable.

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