What is the difference between pure water and ultrapure water?

Before choosing a laboratory ultrapure water machine correctly, we must have a good understanding of the following concepts: What is pure water? What is ultrapure water? What is the difference between the two? Ultrapure water, ultrapure water machine, pure water machine, ultrapure water resistivity.

Pure water, also known as pure water, refers to water that meets the sanitary standards of drinking water as raw water, and is sealed in In the container, and without any additives, colorless and transparent water that can be directly drunk. The space water and distilled water sold in the market are pure water.

Ultrapure water is based on pure water, which further removes the conductive medium in the water almost completely, and removes the non-dissociated colloidal substances, gases and organic substances in the water to a very low level. The resistivity is greater than 18MΩ*cm, or close to the limit of 18.25MΩ*cm. Ultrapure water is a level that is difficult to achieve in general processes. Two or more of microfiltration technology, ultrafiltration technology, reverse osmosis technology, EDI technology, and ion exchange technology can be combined through reasonable process design and equipment selection. , can produce ultrapure water, the resistivity can reach 18.20MΩ*cm.

The difference between pure water and ultrapure water exists in many aspects, only some of them are listed here, which are summarized as follows:

  • The conductivity is different, the conductivity of pure water is between 2-10us/cm, and the conductivity of ultrapure water is 0.056us/cm;
  • The degree of difficulty of manufacture varies. At present, the pure water used in the market is basically obtained by methods such as reverse osmosis and distillation, while ultrapure water is based on pure water and also undergoes photo-oxidation technology and fine treatment. It is prepared by a series of complex purification technologies such as polishing and polishing.
  • heavy metals, bacteria, number of particles and other indicators are also very different. The impurity content of pure water is ppm level, while ultrapure water is ppb level. Simply put, there are no impurities in ultrapure water, which is close to theoretical water.
  • The fields of use are also different;
  • The requirements for the material of the transmission pipeline are also different. The requirements for the material of the transmission pipeline for ultrapure water are much stricter than those for ultrapure water.

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