What is a UV sterilizer? What are the characteristics of UV sterilization?

Ultraviolet sterilization has the advantages of strong bactericidal ability and fast speed, and is effective for all bacterial species. It does not need to add chemicals to the water and does not change the chemical composition of the water. Therefore, it is more suitable for pure water preparation systems.

Features of UV sterilization:

1. Ultraviolet sterilization is fast, efficient and effective. Generally, after 10 seconds of exposure to a 3KW UV lamp, the removal rate of Escherichia coli in the water is about 98%.
2. Ultraviolet radiation will not change the physical and chemical properties of water, and will not bring pollution introduced by additives to pure water.
3. It can be used under various water flow rates. It is easy to operate and easy to use. It only needs to clean the quartz glass casing regularly.
4. Small size, light weight, low power consumption and long life.

Note: If people are exposed to the direct light of this kind of lamp, they must be careful not to damage the skin and eyes.

Pool uv sterilizer 2gpm

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