Optimizing the UV Disinfection Process in Raw Water Treatment

Optimizing the UV Disinfection Process in Raw Water Treatment:

The UV disinfection process plays a crucial role in enhancing water quality during raw water treatment. Understanding the intricate steps involved can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water purification systems. Let’s delve into the detailed process flow:

Filtration Layer Functions

  1. First Layer (Quartz Sand): This layer primarily targets impurities such as colloids, rust, sediment, and other contaminants present in the water. With 200KG of quartz sand, it effectively reduces water turbidity and pollution indices.
  2. Second Layer (Silver-loaded Activated Carbon): Housing high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, this layer eliminates color, odor, heavy metals, and organic compounds from the water. Utilizing 50KG of filter material, it ensures superior purification.
  3. Third Layer (Resin): Mainly focused on water softening, this layer further enhances the quality of industrial water, making it suitable for human consumption. Additionally, it contributes to preserving water freshness, utilizing 50KG of resin material.
  4. Fourth Layer (Precision Filtration, 1 Micron): This layer sieves out substances larger than 1 micron, meeting the inlet requirements of RO reverse osmosis membranes. It ensures long-term stability of equipment operation.
  5. Fifth Layer (Reverse Osmosis, RO): With filtration apertures as small as 0.0001 microns, this layer effectively removes dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial toxins, heavy metal ions, and most harmful impurities from the water. Achieving a desalination rate of over 98%, RO technology stands as the most advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly water purification method. The purity level can reach over 95%.
  6. Sixth Stage UV Sterilization: This stage achieves a remarkable 99% efficiency in removing bacteria from the water, ensuring its safety for consumption.


Understanding and optimizing each stage of the UV disinfection process is essential for ensuring the delivery of safe and purified water for various applications. With advanced filtration technologies and UV sterilization, raw water treatment systems can efficiently meet quality standards while promoting environmental sustainability.

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