What failures are prone to occur in high-pressure pumps of mineral water equipment?

Now that water pollution is getting more and more serious, mineral water equipment is one of the indispensable sources of drinking water in life. It is mainly used in offices. So today, let’s understand the prone failures of high-pressure pumps in mineral water equipment.

Mineral water equipment sometimes fails to produce water. At this time, it is necessary to analyze two situations. One is that the high-pressure pump can work normally, and the other is that the high-pressure pump cannot work normally. The troubleshooting methods are different.

Mineral water equipment high-pressure pump is operating normally when the water production fault is eliminated:

  1. Check carefully whether the high-pressure pump of the equipment has a loss of pressure failure, and whether there is a problem with the water treatment accessories and consumables.
  2. If neither waste water nor pure water is discharged or only very little waste water is discharged, it may be that the pre-filter is clogged.
  3. Only waste water is discharged but no pure water is discharged, then the check valve is blocked.
  4. The solenoid valve fails and cannot be started effectively.
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