Pure Water/Mineral Water Plant Production Process

Raw Water Pump

The primary function of the raw water pump is to maintain constant system water pressure and stable water supply.

Mechanical Filter

Utilizing multiple filtration layers, mechanical filters remove particles larger than 20um, such as manganese, iron heavy metals, sediment, rust, colloidal substances, and suspended solids, ensuring equipment productivity and prolonging usage lifespan through backwashing and forward flushing operations.

Activated Carbon Filter

Using granular activated carbon, these filters not only adsorb electrolyte ions but also facilitate ion exchange adsorption. Activated carbon adsorption can reduce potassium permanganate oxygen consumption (COD) from 15mg/L (O2) to 2-7mg/L (O2), effectively removing color, odor, bioorganic compounds, reducing residual halogens, pesticide pollutants, and eliminating trihalomethanes (THMs) and other contaminants. The system can undergo a series of operations like backwashing and forward flushing. Moreover, the equipment features a self-maintenance system, resulting in low operating costs.

Softening System

To prevent scaling on the concentrated water side, especially the last membrane component of the RO unit, sodium-type cation exchange resin is used before entering the reverse osmosis membrane unit for ion exchange adsorption to remove the main hardness components in water. After adsorption saturation, the resin becomes ineffective and can be regenerated with industrial salt to restore exchange capacity.

Each softening system includes a softening tank, controller (or injector/salt pump), salt box, and salt valve, aiming to prevent RO membrane scaling and extend its lifespan.

Precision Filter

Precision filters intercept trace mechanical impurities that escape the pretreatment system. The filter body is made of engineering plastics or SUS304 materials and is filled with PPF filter cores. Polypropylene (PP) filter cores are highly efficient, low-resistance deep filtration elements, suitable for further purifying water with low levels of suspended impurities (turbidity less than 2-5 degrees). The polypropylene filter core is wound on an injection-molded polypropylene porous tube at regular intervals. The main function is to ensure that water particles entering the reverse osmosis membrane are smaller than 0.1um.

Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis device separates the solvent (usually water) from the solution through a reverse osmosis membrane (or semi-permeable membrane) under sufficient pressure. This process, contrary to natural osmosis, is called reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis can adapt to various salt-containing raw water types, especially in high-salt water treatment projects, achieving good technical and economic benefits. With improved desalination rates, high recovery rates, stable operation, small footprint, and easy operation, reverse osmosis equipment removes most bacteria, colloids, and organic compounds of large molecular weight while desalting.

Equipment Process Flow:

Raw Water → Raw Water Booster Pump → Multimedia Filter → Activated Carbon Filter → Ion Exchanger → Security Filter → Multi-Stage High-Pressure Pump → RO Reverse Osmosis System → Pure Water Tank → Fully Automatic Barrel/Bottle Water Filling Production Line → Packaging → Warehousing

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