What are the characteristics of combined packing for sewage treatment in food plants?

Now with the improvement of living standards, the amount of sewage is also increasing, and the types are increasing, which requires us to adopt methods to deal with. So what are the characteristics of the combined packing for sewage treatment in food plants? Let me introduce you to the editor below.

The composite packing is composed of fiber bundle, plastic ring sheet, sleeve, and center rope. Its structure is to change the plastic ring sheet press into a double-loop large plastic ring, and press the aldehyde fiber or polyester filament on the ring ring to make The fiber bundles are evenly distributed; the inner circle is made of snowflake-shaped plastic branches, which can not only hang the film, but also effectively cut the air bubbles, and improve the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate. The water and gas biofilm can be fully exchanged, and the organic matter in the water can be efficiently treated.

Combined packing characteristics: The combined packing has high heat dissipation performance, low resistance, good water and air distribution performance, easy to grow film, good applicability to sewage concentration, and has the effect of cutting bubbles.

Product specifications: The diameter of the combined packing unit is Φ150mm, Φ160mm, Φ180mm, Φ200mm, and the spacing is 80mm, 100mm. The center rope has two kinds of plastic rope and fiber rope.

Product advantage: The combined packing combines the advantages of soft and semi-soft packing, overcomes the disadvantages of both, and is an ideal product in the biochemical treatment of sewage. It has a plastic ring as the skeleton, loaded with vinylon yarn, and the vinylon yarn is fastened on the plastic ring. The tow is evenly distributed in the sewage, and it is easy to form and change the film. It has good adaptability to the sewage concentrate and uses oxygen. The rate is high.

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