The main system composition of purified water production equipment

The amount of drinking water for people is increasing year by year, and the quality of water is also more and more important to people who pay attention to health. Today there are more and more drinking water for people to choose from, of which pure water occupies a considerable proportion. If you drink the tap water directly, it will contain pollutants, which will cause great harm to human health. So we need to use pure water production equipment, this article will understand its main system.

Pure water production equipment pretreatment system

There are rigorous treatment processes in many equipment, and of course the same is true for pure water equipment. The quality of purified water is determined by the production equipment, the most basic of which is the pretreatment system. The raw water of the purified water production equipment enters the raw water tank and raw water pump, and the raw water can be put into the four-stage pretreatment system. The raw water first enters the multi-media filter to remove particles, and then to the activated carbon filter to remove organic colloids and dissolved organic matter. Then the hardness of the ion exchanger is reduced to become soft water, and finally the 5um pore size precision filter prevents large particles from entering the RO.

Pure water production equipment reverse osmosis host system

The core component of the equipment in the production is the host, and the most important in the pure water production equipment is the RO host. The host of this equipment is a two-stage reverse osmosis system, and the filtration accuracy of RO membrane is second only to EDI. The effluent temperature is at 25 degrees Celsius, and the utilization rate of water is 75%. The most important thing is that the total desalination rate is greater than 95%.

Pure water production equipment post-treatment system

After strict pretreatment and main engine in the production of pure water, it will reach the post-treatment system of the equipment. This system mainly includes disinfection device and microporous filter. The disinfection device is an ozone generator, which can breed bacteria in the retained water and affect water quality. The microporous filter has high filtration accuracy and high speed, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion without media shedding.

The quality of water plays a key role in human health. Of course, it also requires high-tech pure water production equipment. Our company’s equipment uses RO membrane technology, which has a high desalination rate and a long service life, which can save operating costs. The equipment is fully automatic and can be operated without special personnel, and it has a small footprint and is convenient for maintenance.


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