The latest technology analysis of integrated circuit pure water equipment

As the mainstream of the current high-tech industry, the electronics industry has developed extremely rapidly over the years. Among them, the integrated circuit industry is improving rapidly, and a large amount of water is needed in its production process. Only by using integrated circuit pure water equipment, its water production can fully meet the standard.

Integrated circuit pure water equipment new technology

A product needs to go through many processes in the production, and the same is true for integrated circuit pure water equipment. In this process, new processes will be used, such as two-stage reverse osmosis process and RO+EDI process. Both processes have to go through a four-stage system during pretreatment, in order to initially purify the water quality of the raw water. Later, the host system used a reverse osmosis device, and the other was a combination of RO and EDI technology. The two processes have to go through an ultraviolet sterilizer at the end, and the effluent quality can meet various domestic and foreign standards.

Integrated circuit pure water equipment RO and EDI technology

From the introduction, it can be known that to produce high purity water, a two-stage reverse osmosis system or an EDI system can be used. If the EDI model is used to quickly remove the residual trace charges in the pure water, the high exchange capacity will fully regenerate the nuclear grade resin without chemical precipitation. Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology and the most advanced today, which can achieve separation, concentration and other purposes.

Pure water equipment application range

We now need pure water in the production of many companies, that is to say, pure water equipment for integrated circuits. It can also be used in the production and processing of optoelectronic products, and the cleaning of liquid crystal displays and ion displays. The higher the integration of integrated circuits, the higher the requirements for water quality.

Integrated circuit pure water equipment has very high technical requirements, and it is best not to use traditional energy-consuming methods. Our company’s equipment mainly adopts the RO and EDI pure water preparation method, without acid and alkali chemical regeneration, of course, there will be no waste acid and waste lye discharge. In order to automatically control the stable water quality in the process, the combination of the two methods can form a perfect pure water production capacity.

electrodeionization edi water treatment

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