The difference and function of reverse osmosis pure water machine and water dispenser

“Reverse osmosis” is a new term. What is reverse osmosis? That is to say: Physical osmosis under normal circumstances refers to the infiltration of dilute solution to concentrated solution; then the opposite is reverse osmosis? But this has physical properties! In order to solve this problem, we apply a certain pressure on the concentrated solution to achieve osmosis. This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis. For example: we apply pressure to tap water to make water permeate through the RO reverse osmosis membrane, thereby separating Produce high-quality pure water. Then the impermeable substances are excluded.

What is a pure water machine: The most basic difference is that the machine itself can separate pure water and waste water. The so-called waste water is an impermeable substance; while drinking water machines need to purchase pure water for use; now there are a large number of them on the market. Filters have misunderstood consumers. So what is a filter? That is to say, after the water passes through the machine, it is simply treated, and there is no separation inside, and there is no waste water discharge point, and all the water is used.

Features of reverse osmosis pure water machine: This machine is composed of three pre-filter elements, booster pump, reverse osmosis membrane, water storage irrigation, mineralization processor, faucet and so on.

  1. first pre-filter element: 5umPPF filter element with a pore size of 5 microns, which can effectively filter out rust, sand, colloid and all impurities with a diameter greater than 5 microns in the water;
  2. The second pre-filter: granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon has super adsorption force, can effectively absorb residual chlorine, smell, color, pesticides and other chemicals in water;
  3. The third pre-filter: precision activated carbon filter, which can effectively remove bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, etc. in the water. 
  4. The fourth channel: RO reverse osmosis membrane is also the most critical part of the machine, because its pore size is 0.0001 micron, the diameter of a bacterium is usually 1 micron, and the diameter of a virus is usually 0.02 micron, so it can not only effectively remove harmful ions, but also removes all bacteria and viruses, allowing only water molecules to pass through. 
  5. The fifth filter element: a post-mineralization processor, which can inhibit the regeneration of bacteria, improve the taste of pure water, and add the required minerals. 
  6. Water storage irrigation: provide users with sufficient pure water in time, built-in 12 liters of pure water, the key is that the high pressure is fully enclosed and isolated from the air, effectively maintaining the water quality. 
  7. Faucet: drain.

The conventional water dispenser: it means that the purified water required by the user must rely on outsourcing to meet the drinking water needs. In terms of disinfection, furniture safety, and water cleanliness, they are faced with a factor that cannot be judged, which may bring invisible harm to themselves.

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