Process flow and equipment characteristics of reverse osmosis pure water production equipment

1. Process flow chart

  • Process 1: Quartz sand + activated carbon + softening + security filter + reverse osmosis device (water production <2M3/H equipment)
  • Process 2: Quartz sand + activated carbon + scale inhibition system + security filter + reverse osmosis device (water production > 2M3/H equipment)
  • Process three: flocculation sedimentation + quartz sand + activated carbon + scale inhibition system + security filter + reverse osmosis device
    (Applicable when the raw water is poor)
  • Process four: quartz sand + activated carbon + softening + security filter + reverse osmosis device + ozone sterilization / ultraviolet sterilization
    (applicable to purified water production and beverage preparation)
  • Process 5: Quartz sand + activated carbon + softening + security filter + primary reverse osmosis + secondary reverse osmosis + ozone sterilization/ultraviolet sterilization (applicable when the conductivity of raw water > 1000μS/cm)[Note: Our company can design the best treatment solution for free according to the water quality used by customers]

2. Equipment operating parameters

  • Stand-alone output: 0.25M3/H-120 M3/H (freely customized according to customer needs)
  • Rejection rate: reverse osmosis system > 98% (customized single-stage or double-stage according to customer needs)
  • Operating pressure: 1Mpa-1.2Mpa
  • Recovery rate: 50%-80%
  • Product effluent conductivity: <10µs/CM (raw water <500µs/CM)
    The water quality of the effluent reaches: “National Drinking Water Standard”, “World Health Organization Direct Drinking Water Standard”, “Standard for Hygienic Safety and Function Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality Processor-Reverse Osmosis Treatment Device”, “Hygienic Standard for Bottled Drinking Water (GB17324 -1998)” requirements.

3. Equipment Features

  • Using imported reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost;
  • Using a fully automatic preprocessing system to realize unmanned operation;
  • Adopt imported Grundfos booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable;
  • Online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety;
  • Automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use;
  • Individualized design in line with the local water quality to meet the needs in an all-round way.

4. Applicable occasions

  • Pure water preparation in pure water production plant
    It can be matched with the automatic filling machine produced by Longjiahe to form a fully automatic bottled water/bottled water production line
  • Water for the preparation of raw materials in the food industry
    Such as the blending of additives, the ratio of ingredients, soup or juice, etc., can improve the taste, inhibit the growth of organic matter, and improve the shelf life of products
  • Water preparation for dairy, beverage and wine industry
    It is recommended to use a double-stage reverse osmosis device to prevent poor taste caused by foreign matter in the water, maximize product quality, inhibit the reproduction of organic matter, and improve product shelf life
  • Water for chemical industry
    It is used for the ratio of chemical raw materials, chemical product manufacturing, chemical circulating water, etc., to effectively prevent additional chemical reactions and quality deviations caused by excessive ions in water
  • Boiler water in power industry
    It is used for boiler supply water, thermal power boilers, and supply water for power systems of medium and low pressure boilers in factories and mines to improve production efficiency and prolong equipment service life.
  • Desalination of sea water and brackish water for drinking
    It is used for desalination of water sources in islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms, and brackish water areas, so that they can reach the standard of direct raw drinking.
  • Cultivation and gardening water supply
    It is used in animal husbandry and breeding industry to desalinate brackish water, promote animal growth, and prevent various diseases caused by water quality problems. It is also used for cultivation and breeding in horticultural cultivation to improve biological activity.

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