Technical characteristics and application scope of natural mineral water purification filter media

Technical characteristics of natural mineral water purification filter media:

  1. Excellent fluoride removal efficiency, the fluorine content of the treated water can fully meet the national drinking water standard, while effectively removing other chemical and toxicological substances and organic substances in the water that exceed the standard;
  2. Low operating cost, 0.2-0.3 yuan/ton of water;
  3. Natural mineral water purification filter material has the longest service life, which can reach more than 30 years, and there will be no hardening of the filter material;
  4. Simple operation and easy management;
  5. The processing scale can be large or small.
  6. ​​Unique natural high-quality mineral zeolite modification activation treatment technology;

Application range of natural mineral water purification filter material:

  1. Build a fast filter and apply it to a water plant;
  2. Make a small water purifier for household use;
  3.  Used in rural towns, towns, communities, government agencies and organizations to build small and medium-sized water purification stations;
  4. The natural mineral water purification filter material can also be used to improve water quality in the pharmaceutical, winemaking, beverage, food, printing and dyeing industries;
  5.  Used in power plants, boilers and other industries to soften water quality;
  6. ​​Used for pretreatment of water treatment processes such as electrodialysis and reverse osmosis;
  7. Natural mineral water purification filter materials can also be used when swimming pools, baths, hotels, restaurants, and urban communities do reclaimed water treatment;
  8. Used for domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment.
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