Self Cleaning Water Filters

Self Cleaning Water Filters

Flow rate:23-580T/H
Filter degree:100-3000 micron
For the liquid:water and viscous liquids (<30000cps)
Filter impurity:<1000ppm
Cleaning pressure:0.05Mpa
Standard design pressure:1.0Mpa,higher pressures can be customized
Application:central air conditioning,agriculturl, irrigation,circulating water
In and out diameter:80-350mm
Warranty:1 YEAR
After-sales Service Provided:Online support
Material:carbon steel or stainless steel



1. Brief introduction for Self Cleaning Water Filters

Self Cleaning Water Filters Efficient backwash filter, By linear reciprocating efficient mechanical way to automatically remove particulate impurities on the filter element surface.capable of continuous in-line filter, efficient backwash filter accuracy range is in 100-3000 micron, fit for water and viscous liquids filtered, for viscosity up to 30,000 CP. When conventional backwash filters soft impurities in viscous material is frequently clogging, customers are forced to choose large backwash filters or frequent backwashing, large investment, heavy workload, a serious waste of materials.Efficient backwash filter with advanced self-cleaning relocation way to easy solve this kind of problem, and always maintain regular clean filter element and discharge high attempt waste impurities to reduce material waste, great advantage of poor water quality water filtration and adhesives, resins, polymers, paints, oils and other viscous materials, more efficient, efficient backwash filter is its significant technological advantage and high life cycle cost, gradually replacing the traditional manual backwash filter in many areas, shaker, bag, basket filter, some recoil type self-cleaning filter and so on.

2. Self Cleaning Water Filters Working principle

Filtering state: Liquid from the efficient backwash filter inlet injection, from up to down flow, through the filter element surface to flow outlet; When the filter element surface collect to a certain impurities, fixed time or set pressure tp started cleaning procedures.
Cleaning state: cylinder drive wash plate to straight action, this part of the impurities with the descending liquid through washing dish to fall into the collection chamber, to repeat washing several times to clean the filter element.
The most important part of the filters, that provides quite simple and reliable cleaning process, is a disk which is installed on pneumatic cylinder. When a disk, placed on pneumatic cylinder’s end, passes between water and filter basket, filter basket is cleaned with this movement of the disk. Flow speed of the water increases on the points around the disk and static pressure decreases pursuant to Bernoulli principle
Low static pressure creates vacuum effect on edge points of the disk and contaminants are discharged from the drainage line by being cleaned from the filter basket.

3. Technical Features and Benefits:

  1. Linear reciprocating stripped, directly stripped the impurities off the surface of the filter element.structure simple, easy open to clean and maintain
  2. Online connection filtering, automatic dynamic line, end of the heavy filter element replacement and cleaning.
  3. No need produce one-off abandoned filtration consumables, saving the cost of consumables and environmental treatment cost minimal filter pressure drop, flow stability, saving energy pipeline, which will help the process of continuous and stable.
  4. Closed filter, to prevent leakage of hazardous materials which is conducive to safe production.
  5. High concentration of emission waste impurity and recyclable , to avoid high-value materials losses
  6. Variety of module combination and powerful automation modes, to meet the requirements of various filtration applications
  7. Selection of the world-renowned high-quality components, high reliability, minimal maintenance, low cost fixed line

4.  Operation Steps of Self Cleaning Water Filters

Normal Operation: Water comes in through filter inlet and flows into filter basket as 90o for big particles to be decomposed. Clean water is discharged from the outlet. Washing valve is closed in this status and motionless out of the piston filter basket. (Figure 1.1)


Washing step-1:Filter is self-cleanable with the washing of the basket. Washing can be carried out manually, with time or pressure change control method. Washing valve is pneumatically turned on initially and wide parts, which hold on to the filter basket, are cleaned. In the meanwhile, outlet of the filtered water is not divided. (Figure 1.2)
Washing step-2: Washing valve is on in this step. It moves for two times through filter basket by pneumatic movements with piston disk. In the meanwhile, the water passes in a way preventing a friction loss in disk and basket. Flow speed increases around the disk and static pressure decreases pursuant to Bernoulli principle. Low static pressure, occurring around the disk, helps basket to be cleaned and released particles to be discharged. Clean water outlet is on in the meanwhile. After washing process is completed, washing valve is turned off and normal operation is continued. (Figure 1.3)

5.  Features Self Cleaning Water Filters:

  • Precision: 0.1~4mm
  • Filtration net: drill hole 0.8~4mm, wedge 0.1~1mm
  • Working pressure: below 1.6Mpa
  • Electrical power: 380V/50HZ
  • Driving motor: 0.18~0.25kw
  • Controller voltage: AC24V
  • Cleaning method: by brush
  • Control way: pressure difference, time, manually

6.  Model selecting for Self Cleaning Water Filters:

No.ModelInlet/outletDrainageFlow rate T/HFiltration area m2Driving motor(KW)

7.  Application:

Cooling water filtration, wastewater treatment, Municipal water reuse, RO pre-treatment filter, Paper white water filtration, Pasteurization system, Vacuum pump system, Air compressor system, water treatment plant, Cooling and heating water system

8.  Product detail and manufacturer process:


9. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

10. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

11. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

12. Finished projects:

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