Pressure gauge oil filled

Pressure gauge oil filled

Product Name:pressure gauge
Model:1.0 Mpa
Pressure range:150psi
Installation type:back connected
Connection:1/2” NPT/1/4″NPT 3/8″NPT BSP
Filling liquid:oil
Case material:SS304



1. Brief introduction of Pressure gauge oil filled

Pressure gauge oil filled is shock resistant besides other qualities and can be used to measure the positive and negative pressure under the circumstance of mechanic vibration and pressure with impulse for water treatment SS case back mounted.YYST liquid filed pressure gauge fill damping fluid damping fluid (silicone oil, glycerol) in the gauge and other measures to ensure that it has excellent function of impact resistance and astigmatic. So it is safe and reliable, with stable performance and long useful-life. It is apply to mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, mine. Electrical, measure the pressure of medium is non corrosive for copper and allay. If measure the pressure of high corrosive medium, all material of pressure gauge must be stainless steel.
It is used to test the feed water and outlet water pressure when RO water treatment running. When the pressure difference between the two pressure gauge over the settled value, the filter cartridge or RO membrane need to be checked or replacement. After RO membrane cleaning or filter cartridge replacement, restart the machine, the pressure gauge shows the normal working status pressure. It’s useful to ensure the product water quality and machine running. The case of pressure gauge us SS with good quality.

2. Parameter of Pressure gauge oil filled

Name:pressure gauge
Measurement Range:0-100psi or Customized
Operating temperature:-25°C to +75°C
Case:Stainless steel
Bezel:Stainless steel
Bourdon tube:Copper alloy or Stainless steel
<100Bar: C-Type
≥100Bar: Helical Type
Thread: 1/4″pt or other
Window:Polycarbonate or Glass
Gaskets Filling cap:Silica gel
Type:Oil filled pressure gauge

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4. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

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Comments From Customers

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water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

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