Pressure control switch JC-230

Pressure control switch JC-230

Product name:pressure control switch
Brand Name:3S
Model Number:JC-230
Max. Current:5A
Max. Voltage:380V/220V
Max. Working Pressure:30bar
Pressure range:5 to 630bar
Differential range:3 to 10 bar
Factory setting on:15bar
Factory setting off:20bar
Max bellows pressure:40bar
Switch action:auto type SPDT opens High/Low
Pressure connection:1/4″ Flare nut



1. Brief introduction of Pressure control switch JC-230

Pressure control switch JC-230 may be mounted in any position. And also may be mounted to wall surface or panel board by 4 monting holes provided in the back of the case. The standard bracket regularly supplied. The pressure controls is used for either operating or protecting commercial refrigeration or air-conditioning system. They are suitable for R12, R22 and R502 refrigerants and are available copper capiliiary with either flare nut connection or with male flare. Also is widely used in RO water treatment plant. JC-230 for water treatment electrical protection. Installed after the RO high pressure water pump, when the feed water pressure is higher than the settled value, the pressure switch will shut off and the machine will be stopped in case of RO high pressure water pump high pressure. After malfunction treatment, reset the pressure switch is ok.

2. Specification of Pressure control switch JC-230

Pressure range:5 to 30bar
Differential range:3 to 10bar
Factory setting:on/off =15/20bar
Max bellows pressure:40 bar
Switch action:Auto type SPDT opens high/low
Pressure Connection:1/4″ flare nut

3. Fitting method for Pressure control switch JC-230

  1. Avoid sharp bend or kinks in capillary tubing.
  2. When installing to ammonia system, please contact us.
  3. Purge all tubing and lines before connecting pressure controls.
  4. Check that control is not installed on equipment handle a load in excess of electrical rating.
  5. Coil and secure excess capillary length to avoid vibration. Allow some slack in capillary to avoid “violin string” vibration which can cause tubing to break.
  6. Do not allow capillary tubing to rub against metal surface where friction can damage capillary.
  7. Do not turn sealed screws.
  8. Controls are not to be located in area of extreme moisture, dirt or dust, or in a corrosive or or explosive atmosphere. These enviroments can shorten controls life.

4. Features of Pressure control switch JC-230

  • Electronically automatic control
  • Compact and inexpensive
  • High reliability
  • Easy installation and long life

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6. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

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water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

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