Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor

Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor

Product name:conductivity meter
Measurement range:0~20 0~200 0~2000μS/cm
Accuracy:1.5% (FS)
Stability:±2 * 10-3 (FS) / 24h
Temperature compensation component:NTC
Medium pressure:0~0.5Mpa
Display:3.5-bit LCD
Power consumption:≤1W
Power:0.01, 220V, 50Hz
Size:48 * 96*100mm
Package material:carton
Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory, Retail, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops



1. Brief introduction of Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor

Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor is used to test the water conductivity after water purifying. Replacement of CCT-3320V for water quality monitor TDS meter thus to control the product water quality.

This instrument is a panel instrument for on-line monitoring of industrial process conductivity. Range switch over and constant check can both be freely set and adjusted through the operation component on the rear panel; unique signal collecting and processing technology and special thick film circuit are adopted to make measurement accurate and operation stable; there are also other features such as realized data, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the length change of cable and maintenance-free. Its an ideal auxiliary instrument of various types of small pure water equipment.

2. Parameter of Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor

Measurement range:
0~20  0~200  0~2000μS/cm
1.5% (FS)
±2 × 10-3 (FS) / 24h
Auxiliary electrode
Plastic structure;  constant: 1.0cm-1
Temperature compensation component
Medium temperature
Thread dimension
1/2pipe thread
Medium pressure
Cable composition
Quad cable, copper mesh and foil shielded plastic jacket
Cable length
5m or on other agreement (5~30m)
Temperature compensation
Automatic compensation, with 25 as the reference temperature
3.5-bit LCD
Power supply
AC  220V ±10%  50Hz
Power consumption
Environment conditions
(1)   Temperature: 5~50
(2)   Humidity: ≤85%RH
48 × 96 × 100mm (height × width × depth)
Slot dimensions for installation
45 × 91mm (height × width)

3. Connection of PLC and recording instrument

The 4-20mA signal is direct output, when the recording instrument or PLC port is connected with the earth of the power supply of the system or floated at a high voltage, the measurement accuracy and safety of electrode will be affected. So the 4-20mA signal isolator is recommended (provided on additional payment).

4. Complete sets of instrument of Conductivity meter CM-230 monitor

Panel meter1Sensor1
Fixing clamp1Operation manual1

5. Package


6. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

7. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

8. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

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