Process method of ultrapure water equipment for FPC circuit board

We can no longer live without digital equipment in our lives. Circuit boards are inevitably used in the composition of these equipment. FPCs are used in mobile phones, digital cameras and PDA products, which are commonly referred to as flexible circuit boards with excellent quality. In the production of FPC, extremely pure water is required. The following will introduce the process method of ultrapure water equipment for FPC circuit boards.

Ultra-pure water equipment for FPC circuit boards

FPC circuit board production requires pure water

Digital products are becoming more and more popular for their precision, efficiency and convenience. The requirements in the production process of its main accessories are very strict. Especially in the production of FPC circuit boards, metals such as electroplated copper and tin are used, and pure water with different requirements is also required for surface treatment and etching. Due to differences in production processes, the quality requirements for pure water are different, and the quality requirements for pure water in each process are extremely high.

FPC circuit board ultrapure water equipment process flow

Many people will know that electronic devices need to use circuit boards, of which PCB and FPC are the most used. The most technological and environmentally friendly technology of ultra-pure water equipment for FPC circuit boards is RO plus EDI technology. The raw water first enters the southern pump to add sufficient pressure and then passes through the four-stage pretreatment system. The four-stage pretreatment system can remove large suspended solids, colloids, rust and residual chlorine in the raw water, and the hardness of the raw water is also removed so that the water quality does not damage the host. The raw water can further purify the water quality through the RO and EDI host, and finally pass the microporous filter to produce the pure water that meets the standard.

The advantages of ultrapure water equipment for FPC circuit boards

EDI technology is used in the ultrapure water equipment for FPC circuit boards, which can ensure the stable and continuous water quality of pure water. This method is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the traditional ion exchange method, and it is a clean production technology that does not require chemical regeneration of acid and alkali. The fully automatic control of the equipment is the strong combination of EDI and RO, which can form a complete function of pure water and ultra-pure water production.
The government pays more attention to environmental protection in the production of enterprises, and many enterprises are also actively transforming their production modes to meet the requirements of cleaner production as much as possible. The ultrapure water equipment used in the use of FPC circuit boards adopts EDI technology, which can effectively produce the pure water required by each of the five production links. The operation of the equipment is stable, safe and intelligent, and the effluent quality can meet the standards of the Ministry of Electronics Industry and the ASTM standards of the United States.

EDI ultrapure water treatment

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