Laboratory-grade ultra-pure water equipment draws on foreign advanced technology and designs and develops ultra-pure water equipment with international leading level in accordance with my country’s water quality status. The advanced nature of the equipment is that it does not require acid and alkali treatment, environmental protection, no three wastes, automatic control, automatic maintenance, and online monitoring. The effluent quality meets or exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTMI-Ⅲ standard), the American Society of Pathology (CPA) and the Clinical Society (NCCLS), China National Laboratory Purified Water Standard and China National Electronic Grade Ultrapure Water Standard (GB/T11446. 1) Requirements.

Brief introduction of each stage treatment process of laboratory ultrapure water equipment

1. Pretreatment system

A three-level pretreatment system is specially set up. It is especially suitable for customers in areas where tap water has high salinity, high hardness, more solid impurities, and high chlorine content. It is extremely convenient and economical to use. The system is carefully designed according to the design concept of “layer protection, step by step filtration”. Since each unit adopts a large-capacity and high-precision design, the pretreatment function is stronger, the self-protection is better, and the removal efficiency of various impurities is higher.

2. Reverse osmosis system

Adopt high-quality imported RO membrane. It has a strong screening effect, and its performance is extremely stable. Under the given pressure of the system, it can only penetrate water but not solute. Therefore, it can precisely filter out bacteria, viruses, salts and various carcinogens in the water. Desalination rate ≥99%. The reverse osmosis system has an automatic cleaning function, which can effectively prevent the scale and blockage of the reverse osmosis membrane and ensure its continuous and efficient operation.

3. Ultra-purification system

Adopt the best quality nuclear grade four-column resin for polishing mixed bed. The ultra-purification treatment system is set up so that all ions in the water are removed. The product water quality resistivity through this system can reach 18.2 megohms/cm, which is enough to meet the requirements of different experimental basic applications.

4. UV disinfection

Adopt a dual-wavelength ultraviolet lamp with a special light source. Because of its excellent performance, ultra-pure water undergoes 6 cycles of treatment in the UV lamp, which not only completely eliminates the remaining bacteria, but also completely degrades the remaining trace organic matter, and truly achieves water quality: TOC≤3ppb

5. Precision filtration system

Using precision filters, the water production capacity is 3 to 5 times higher than the commonly used terminal filters, the service life is greatly extended, and the high quality of the produced water is better guaranteed.

Main features of laboratory ultrapure water equipment

  • Imported reverse osmosis membrane is adopted, with high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost;
  • No need for acid and alkali treatment, environmental protection and no “three wastes”;
  • Automatic control, automatic maintenance, online water quality detection, monitoring water quality changes at any time;
  • Personalized design in line with local water quality to meet the needs in all aspects;
  • Full-automatic control system, daily operation is extremely simple, the system automatically performs washing and maintenance, and the process of preparing product water does not require any manual operation;
  • Dual flow path design, not only can produce ultra-pure water, but also produce pure water, which is convenient for users’ laboratory water requirements of different levels;
  • Upgrade space is reserved. The function can be easily upgraded according to user needs.
Pure Water Treatment System

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