Performance Characteristics of Modular Stainless Steel Water Tanks

1. Never-Rusting Modular Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Using food-grade SUS stainless steel plates ensures strong corrosion resistance. These tanks reflect sunlight, preventing heat absorption and algae growth, thus ensuring clean water quality at all times.

2. Lightweight and Affordable

Utilizing unique plate stamping techniques, these tanks offer the choice of 1.5-3mm stainless steel plates, weighing only 20~30% of regular steel tanks while being similarly priced.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

With sleek lines, unique designs, and perfect aesthetics, these tanks complement architectural designs, adding visual appeal to any setting.

4. Leak-Proof Design

Featuring a unique structural design, these tanks are welded using argon arc welding rods between plates, ensuring exceptional strength. Unlike bolted structures, the absence of rubber seals eliminates secondary pollution, leaks, or poor sealing.

5. Easy Customization and Installation

Standard plates of various sizes allow for tank volumes ranging from 0.125m³ to several thousand cubic meters. Tanks can be configured into various shapes like polygons, staircases, and L-shapes, making them suitable for diverse installations. Options for tank insulation include polystyrene, polyurethane, and ultra-thin flat glass wool for on-site construction, ensuring both aesthetics and effective moisture retention.

6. Superior Moisture Retention

Ideal for anti-freezing measures in extremely cold regions (where temperatures drop below -150°C), insulation can be easily installed using 30mm-100mm insulation inserts of the same shape.

7. Compliance with Firefighting and Building Regulations

Compared to fiberglass tanks, stainless steel tanks can also serve as initial firefighting water supply tanks, complying with firefighting and basic building regulations.

8. Ideal Structural Design

The yield strength of SUS stainless steel plates is 1.5 times that of carbon steel and six times that of fiberglass. The combination of professionally molded spherical and flat structures ensures seismic, snow load, wind pressure, and impact resistance.

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