How to manage stainless steel water tanks

Daily management of living water tank

  1. Detailed records must be made for any maintenance of domestic water tanks, domestic water tank rooms and domestic water pump rooms, including entry and exit times, maintenance or cleaning operations, licensors, operators and reasons. The records must be kept for three years or more.
  2. Registration records are required for entering and leaving the domestic water tank, domestic water tank room, and domestic water pump room, and unrelated persons are not allowed to enter these areas without permission.
  3. The domestic water tank, domestic water tank room, domestic water pump room and its passages must be locked, the key must be registered with the name, date, time and reason of the holder and user, and the approval and approval time, spare key and key loss must be recorded All must be reported in time, and the locks should be replaced if necessary.
  4. It is necessary to formulate an emergency water supply plan for domestic water tanks, and implement the post responsibility system on the basis of training and drills.
  5. Facilities and equipment accounts must be prepared for domestic water tanks, domestic water tank rooms and domestic water pump rooms and their equipment, and they need to be updated at least once a year, including cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, testing and inspection.

Domestic water tank cleaning and water quality testing

  1. Before and after the cleaning of the domestic water tank, water samples must be taken, and the water samples submitted for inspection must be sealed. And submit for inspection within 24 hours.
  2. The cleaning operation of the domestic water tank shall not seriously affect the normal use.
  3. The domestic water tank cleaning plan must be reviewed and approved before it can be implemented.
  4.  Chemicals and cleaning tools used for cleaning domestic water tanks must meet relevant hygiene and health requirements, and must not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
  5. The domestic water tank cleaning staff must hold a valid health examination certificate.
  6. The domestic water tank cleaning plan must have an emergency plan and an emergency water supply plan.
  7. The staff cleaning the domestic water tank must wear safe and hygienic protective equipment.

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