Performance characteristics and installation of stainless steel thermal insulation water tank

Stainless steel thermal insulation water tank refers to the use of thermal insulation material as the core layer, food grade stainless steel water tank as the inner layer, and stainless steel material as the outer layer. The inner and outer stainless steel layers and the core layer are optimally combined to form a stainless steel water tank.

Stainless steel insulation water tank insulation material:

  • The core layer medium can use polyurethane foam, polystyrene, polypropylene, rock wool, PEF;
  • The inner layer can be made of food-grade stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum or color steel.
  • The outer layer can be made of stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate or color steel plate of general material.

The principle of heat preservation of stainless steel heat preservation water tank:

The heat preservation water tank is made of stainless steel plate, color steel plate, etc. as the surface layer, and closed-cell flame-retardant self-extinguishing polystyrene material plate or polyurethane as the core layer. Through the optimized combination, the inner and outer layers can achieve the best heat preservation effect. Beautiful appearance, high mechanical strength, excellent performance, convenient assembly and other advantages.

Stainless steel insulation water tank insulation time limit:

Under normal temperature, the temperature of the thermal insulation material using polyurethane integral foaming is within 4 degrees within 24 hours, and the temperature of other thermal insulation materials is within 10 degrees.

Scope of application of stainless steel insulation water tank:

Mainly suitable for the adjustment of building water supply, fire water tank, storage water tank, expansion of heating system, condensate water tank, construction, road construction, geological survey and national defense engineering and other temporary water tanks. The water tank can store both cold water and hot water, and is resistant to acid, alkali, impermeability, leakage, deformation and corrosion.

Instructions for selection of stainless steel insulation water tank:

  1. The size of the water tank, the position of the pipe, and the diameter of the pipe should be provided when ordering.
  2. It is advisable to use the storage water temperature of 4-65 ℃. When the storage water temperature is higher than this value, it can be put forward when ordering, and it will be solved separately.
  3.  The load of the water tank to the ground should be approved by the structural designer.
  4. When the water tank connection position provided by the user is just at the seam of the plate, the company needs to adjust it, and the pipe diameter will remain unchanged (the user will not be notified separately).

Installation and acceptance of stainless steel thermal insulation water tank:

  1. During installation, an inspection channel of not less than 700 mm should be reserved between the box and the wall, and the top and bottom of the box should not be less than 500 mm.
  2. During civil construction, the buttress shall be prepared first, and the joint between the unit plates at the bottom of the water tank shall be located on the buttress.
  3. After assembling, close the water outlet pipe and drain pipe, open the water pipe, add water and check until it is full of water, and it is qualified if there is no water leakage for 24 hours.

Scope of application of stainless steel insulation water tank:

  1. All kinds of industrial and civil building water supply, HVAC, and fire protection systems;
  2. Food, beverage, winemaking, water treatment industries;
  3. Medicine, petroleum, chemical industry;
  4. Flexible and reasonable plate shape design can be suitable for containers of various sizes and combinations.

Features of stainless steel insulated water tank:

  1. Basic requirements of the water tank:
    The geometric dimensions of the concrete foundation shall be formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB02S101.
    Concrete foundation plane height difference <5mm
  2. Installation, construction and acceptance of stainless steel thermal insulation water tank:
    On-site argon arc welding by professional welders.
    There is a standard power supply on the construction site. There is a maintenance space of ≥500mm around the water tank.
    No rust, no pollution in appearance inspection: fill with water for 2-3 hours, no obvious deformation of the box, and no leakage of the welding seam is qualified.
  3.  Use, repair and maintenance of the water tank:
    When piping, do not apply excessive load to the piping inlet and outlet.
    Do not directly apply the weight of the valve and large-diameter pipes to the water tank outlet, and set up pipe supports if necessary:
    The expansion, contraction and vibration of the welded pipe must be equipped with expansion and contraction flexible joints.
  4. Water tank configuration and supporting accessories:
    Scope of supply of water tank: box body, manhole, ladder, short pipe and single-piece flange (four inlet, outlet, sewage and overflow). We can also provide matching accessories according to the user’s requirements, such as: float valve, glass tube liquid level gauge and various water tank disinfection equipment.

Stainless steel insulated water tank uses nano-silver antibacterial technology:

  1. Antibacterial and bacteriostatic, reduce disease. The tap water we usually use has been transported for a certain distance from the waterworks, due to the aging and peeling of the water pipeline, which has brought secondary pollution to the tap water. Although the tap water has been treated by the water plant, there are still some organic substances and other harmful substances, which become the culture medium for the reproduction of microorganisms. According to the survey in Guangzhou, the secondary water supply system of high-rise buildings, the water tank, is not cleaned frequently because there is no special person to care for it. , coupled with poor sealing conditions, it has become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. There are as many as 21 kinds of bacteria in the water sediment, which seriously pollutes the water quality and endangers the health of citizens. Fujishima brand thin-walled assembled stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tank is sprayed with nano-silver metal film on the inner wall, which can inhibit and kill various pathogenic bacteria in tap water and water pipelines, such as Escherichia coli, red worms, etc., to prevent secondary pollution and reduce disease.
  2.  Never rust, never leak. Fujishima brand thin-walled assembled stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tank is made of Japanese SUS304 austenitic (food-grade) stainless steel plate material with excellent performance. , keep the water clean and do not breed algae. Hygienic, safe and durable.
  3. Arbitrary combination, beautiful appearance. Fujishima brand thin-walled assembled stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tank is assembled and welded by unit rectangular shaped thin plate or concave-convex plate. , Z shape and other shapes, the line is smooth and beautiful, to meet the individual requirements of all users.
  4. Excellent performance and easy installation. The high-strength stamping plate and the evenly distributed stainless steel rib increase the strength of the Fujishima thin-walled stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tank by 3 times (the strength of the 1mm thick stainless steel molded plate is equal to the strength of the 3mm thick stainless steel plate), which not only guarantees It meets the maximum pressure-bearing needs of the box body, reduces the material thickness, and meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of the box body. Assembly, welding and installation are simple and easy to transport, without large lifting equipment, and different volumes from 10m3 to 3000m3 can be assembled on site.
  5. Healthy products with a wide range of uses. Fujishima brand thin-walled fabricated stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tank can be widely used in water plants, buildings, hotels, restaurants, medicine, fire protection, biology, chemical industry, electronics, textile and other industries to store water, liquid medicine, biological preparations , It can also be used in the grain, oil and food industry to store edible oil, wine, beverages, fruit juices, dairy products, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
  6. Inexpensive and excellent service. Compared with traditional water tanks, the price of Fujishima brand thin-walled assembled stainless steel nano-silver antibacterial water tanks is only 1/2 of that of stainless steel water tanks, which is equal to the price of ordinary thin-plate stainless steel thermal insulation water tanks on the market, and similar to the price of glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon steel water tanks. And decrease with the increase of volume, and durable

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