Optimizing Parameters for Fully Automatic Water Softening Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the optimal parameters for fully automatic water softening equipment is crucial for efficient and effective water softening operations. This guide outlines key principles to consider when setting parameters for such equipment.

Principles for Parameter Settings:

  1. Current Time Setting:
    • Set the current time to the time of operation.
  2. Immediate or Delayed Regeneration:
    • Typically set to immediate regeneration (A-02), but for situations where uninterrupted water softening is critical, an option like A-01 can be chosen for delayed regeneration during periods of non-use.
  3. Cycle Water Production:
    • The amount of softened water produced between consecutive regeneration cycles is known as cycle water production. This value depends on factors such as resin tank volume, water hardness, ion concentration, resin quality, and salt consumption. Initial settings should be based on experience, with adjustments made during the first week of operation to align with actual water output.
  4. Backwash Time:
    • Depending on resin volume, water turbidity, and water pressure, the backwash time can vary between 1-5 minutes. Adjustments can be made based on resin volume, water turbidity, and water pressure.
  5. Salt Absorption + Slow Wash Time:
    • Salt absorption time is the duration required to absorb all saltwater from the brine tank. Combined with a 5-10 minute slow wash time, this forms the complete salt absorption + slow wash time.
  6. Brine Tank Replenishment Time:
    • Determine the amount of water needed for each salt tank refill based on resin quantity. Adjust the replenishment time according to the actual refill time measured during on-site testing, considering changes in water pressure during equipment operation.
  7. Brine Tank Replenishment Amount:
    • Set the replenishment amount based on the ratio of 45 liters of water for every 100 kilograms of resin. Fine-tune this parameter during on-site testing, ensuring stability even with fluctuations in water pressure.
  8. Backwash Time:
    • The resin volume in the tank directly influences the instantaneous flow rate during backwash. Adjust the backwash time to ensure a thorough cleaning process and prevent residual calcium and magnesium ions from affecting water quality.


Optimizing the parameters of fully automatic water softening equipment is a dynamic process that requires initial precision and ongoing adjustments. Following these principles ensures efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality water softening, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the water softening system.

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