Introduction to core technology of reverse osmosis

1. reverse osmosis technology

Reverse osmosis technology was developed by the United States government and NASA in the late 1960s, and was initially used to recover waste liquid from spacecraft. It has been widely used in military (desalination), medical (hemodialysis, kidney dialysis), industrial, civil and other fields, and is known as “one of the six high-tech in the 20th century.” In the past 20 years, this technology has played an important role in the civilian field. Once the reverse osmosis products are released, they are unanimously recognized by consumers for their high-tech content and unique quality. They currently have more than 80% market share in Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

core technology of reverse osmosis

2. Microcomputer control system

C360-X (3WL) water purifier microcomputer control system perfectly combines computer technology and pure water technology. Microcomputer technology makes the C360-X (3WL) water purifier more humane and intelligent. The unique filter replacement prompt system and fault self-diagnosis system make the system maintenance convenient and scientific. The invention can effectively prolong the service life of the filter element and save the maintenance cost. Setting the timing period enables the system to operate efficiently and effectively reduce energy consumption. Freely adjustable temperature control is suitable for any group of people. The child protection function specially designed for drinking water safety can effectively prevent accidental burns of children.

3. Sealed circuit design

Sealed circuit design Traditional water dispensers need to communicate the stored water with air in order to achieve the function of a natural water outlet. Due to the serious secondary pollution of the water source, the C360-X (3WL) water purifier adopts a fully-sealed water channel design, relying on the pressure generated by the fully-sealed water container to achieve the water outlet function, and is effectively isolated from the outside air, so that the pure water produced can be stored In a safe environment, the opportunity for secondary pollution of linear water is eliminated.

4. Energy-saving technology

Energy-saving technologies for drinking water reprocessing mainly include heating and cooling. The traditional structure is: the inlet of the hot water tank is connected to the normal temperature water storage tank, the steam port is also connected to the normal temperature water tank, and the cold water tank is connected to the peripheral cooling coil refrigeration structure. Therefore, when the system is heated, when the hot water expands or when the steam comes out, it usually flows into the warm water storage tank and even raises the temperature of the water in the cold container, resulting in waste of energy. On the other hand, the external surrounding refrigeration coil refrigeration structure exchanges cold energy into the water in the cold container through the conduction of the box, and some of the cold energy is lost to the surrounding environment. The refrigeration efficiency is low, and energy waste is serious.

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