Chiwatec RO Reverse Osmosis Equipment: Introduction to Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology

Reverse osmosis is referred to as RO, reverse osmosis water treatment technology is the most advanced and mature water treatment technology in the world today. The membrane exhibits a selective permeation ability to the solvent or to the solute, or allows the solvent to pass through, or the solute to pass through. The former is called permeation, and the latter is called dialysis. This method of separating solvents and solutes by utilizing the selective permeation properties of membranes is collectively referred to as membrane separation methods. This method outperforms other methods for both treatment and purification of water. The core component of the reverse osmosis processor is the reverse osmosis membrane, which uses the principle of reverse osmosis to infiltrate the water from the higher concentration side to the lower concentration side through the water pressure. At this time, all bacteria and impurities in the higher concentration side. The high-precision reverse osmosis membrane cannot penetrate into the high-precision reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis process uses semi-permeable spiral-wound membranes to separate and remove soluble solids, organic matter, colloidal substances and bacteria in water. The raw water is sent to and passed through the reverse osmosis membrane at a certain pressure, and the water permeates the tiny pores on the membrane (the pore size is 0.0008-0.001 microns), and pure water is obtained after collection. The impurities in the water are concentrated in the carrier liquid and these harmful foreign substances in the water are discharged through the continuously discharged concentrated water outlet (sewage discharge outlet). Remove more than 95% of dissolved solids, more than 99% of organic matter and colloids, and almost 100% of bacteria in influent water.

The reverse osmosis membrane is developed by NASA and refined with high-tech special materials. It has been widely used in industrial and civil fields. The membrane pores are less than one ten thousandth of a micron. In other words, E. coli is about five thousand times larger than this membrane pore. Therefore, except for water molecules and a small amount of trace ions and active oxygen dissolved in water, which can reverse osmosis, everything else is rejected outside the membrane and immediately flushed out by high-pressure water flow, and is removed by the waste water pipeline. The water molecules are in the inner layer of the reverse osmosis membrane. It is then condensed into pure water and stored in a pressure water tank. Therefore, the active water generated by reverse osmosis does not have the unavoidable secondary pollution of ordinary water filters and the shortcomings of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Chiwatec Process flow chart of household and commercial active drinking water machine:

  1.  the activation device reduces the degree of association and viscosity of water, improves the magnetic susceptibility and the ability of dispersion, dissolution and penetration of water, and increases the active oxygen in the water;
  2.  5 micron PP cotton pre-filter to remove dust, rust and grit;
  3. granular activated carbon pre-filtration to remove chlorine, odor, methane and pesticides;
  4. block activated carbon pre-filtration to remove most of the organic substances;
  5. RO reverse osmosis membrane, removes all organic impurities and other solids or heavy metals dissolved in water, and produces active water; the closed high-pressure water storage tank ensures that the active water after filtration is free from secondary pollution;
  6. Post activated carbon removes odor and makes the water glycol sweet.

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