How to deal with the sewage generated in the hospital’s catering process?

Hospital sewage is a type of sewage discharged to the natural environment or urban pipelines. The sewage contains pathogens, organic matter, floating and suspended solids, radioactive pollutants and other substances that are harmful to the body. Among them, the sewage generated in the diet link in the hospital sewage is relatively small, so compared with domestic sewage, sewage treatment equipment is used to control the properties of medical sewage such as COD and BOD. However, due to the particularity of viruses in the hospital system, the sewage is also How to deal with it?

Process principle of hospital sewage treatment equipment

The comprehensive wastewater of the hospital flows through the grid to remove the suspended large particles and flows into the wastewater adjustment tank; after the wastewater in the tank is homogeneous and equalized, it is controlled by the liquid level gauge to be pumped into the hydrolysis tank by the sewage lift pump, and the anaerobic microorganisms are used to degrade the wastewater. N, P, CODcr, BOD5 and other pollutants are degraded. The elastic fiber composite filler is hung in the hydrolysis tank to increase the amount of microorganisms. There is a high concentration of sludge mixture and biofilm in the tank. The organic matter in the tank is degraded by facultative bacteria, which improves the biodegradability of wastewater. At the same time, under the action of microorganisms , the process of converting organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen into N2 and NxO gases.

The effluent of the hydrolysis tank flows into the oxidation tank, and under the action of aerobic microorganisms, the NH4+ in the wastewater is converted into NO2- and NO3-. With the help of the oxidative metabolism of the aerobic microorganisms attached to the elastic fillers in the pool, the organic pollutants in the wastewater are decomposed, thereby reducing its BOD5, CODcr, and other pollutant indicators. The effluent from the contact oxidation tank flows into the sedimentation tank, and the precipitated sludge is properly pumped into the sludge tank for digestion and treatment. After the excess sludge accumulated in the sludge tank is digested, it is regularly cleaned and transported by the sludge pump, and the supernatant is returned to the hydrolysis tank for denitrification and denitrification treatment.

Advantages of hospital sewage treatment equipment:

  1. The equipment is buried under the surface, greening can be done on it, and the environment is beautiful.
  2. The entire equipment generally does not require special personnel to manage.
  3. The floor space can be reduced, and the parking lot can be built above the equipment, and there is no need to build factories and other facilities.
  4. No impact on the surrounding environment, less sludge production, and noise less than the standard of the second-class area.
  5. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, new technology, good effect and long service life.
  6. The equipment can be arranged according to the standard, or it can be specially arranged according to the terrain.

Scope of application of hospital sewage treatment equipment:

The equipment is also suitable for living quarters, villas, office buildings, hotels, canteens, bathing centers, small and medium-sized factories, hospitals and small and medium-sized medical institutions, stations, airports, wharves, commercial blocks, parks, historical sites and other tourist scenic spots, schools, The military, government agencies, and other places with higher requirements on site and environment.

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How to deal with the sewage generated in the hospital's catering process?

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