Analysis of Application Advantages of Hospital Pure Water Central Processing System

The centralized water system and quality-specific water supply model has the following advantages:

  1. Improve hospital management efficiency and management level. The central centralized water production and quality water supply system not only has the function of PLC unattended and fully automatic control, but also reserves the communication protocol interface with the hospital’s general duty monitoring room. The personnel on duty in the monitoring room can monitor the whole process and even manipulate the system.
  2. Reduce the work intensity of front-line medical workers, improve their professional work efficiency and sense of responsibility, and at the same time be more conducive to the maintenance and management of medical pure water equipment. The supply of pure water by an independent water machine generally requires medical staff in various departments to concurrently supervise its operation and operation. In this way, medical workers not only have to complete their own arduous main-line medical tasks, but also have to face the operation and maintenance of unfamiliar water treatment equipment, which will eventually distract medical workers from professional work and also lack basic maintenance knowledge. Increase the frequency of equipment failures. The central pure water supply system can make up for this shortcoming.
  3. Save valuable hospital rooms. The independent water machine in each department supplies pure water, and the room must be located near the water point. Because the water treatment equipment rooms of each department are relatively independent, this not only increases the difficulty of choosing the room, but also has to divert the main medical room for the water treatment equipment room, and increase the total room area of ​​each department. While the central pure water centralized supply system reduces the total area of ​​rooms by more than half, the requirements for housing are also reduced a lot. It can be a basement or top floor, or a podium, which saves valuable main medical rooms.
  4. Reduce equipment investment and reduce operating costs. Compared with the supply of pure water by independent water machines in each department, the operation cost of centralized water production equipment will be reduced by more than half by supplying water for the same department. As the centralized water production equipment is relatively concentrated, the power consumption of the pure water preparation unit is greatly reduced. In addition, because the central pure water supply equipment can use 100% of water resources, it will further reduce its operating costs.
  5. Water quality is more guaranteed. The central centralized water production and quality water supply system determines that its pure water transmission can achieve closed circulation water supply due to its own structure, and there is no phenomenon of stagnant water or pollution sources. In addition, the pure water is basically in the current state of use, so the quality of the water is effectively guaranteed.
Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis Systems of Hospital

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