Drinking machine – high quality water purification

What devices should a high-quality water purification direct drinking machine contain?

The following water treatment equipment should be equipped:

  1. ultrafiltration membrane or precision ceramic filter
  2. cation exchange resin filter
  3. high-quality activated carbon filter
  4. mineralization active filter
  5. magnetic field generator

Ultrafiltration membrane or precision ceramic filter element:

The precision pore size of the filter is kept below 0.4 micrometers (the bacterial volume is generally around 0.5 micrometers). A good natural ultrafiltration membrane pore size is 0.02 micrometers, and the precision ceramic membrane pore size is 0.15 micrometers. The effect is as high as 99.99%, which can completely filter out E. coli, cholera, Shigella dysenteriae, Salmonella, etc.

Cation exchange resin filter element:

It specializes in softening water quality, adjusting water hardness, and can effectively remove heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, sulfur, mercury, etc.). ) Carcinogenic toxins such as chloride, which are harmful to the human body in water, and release cations, which can absorb excessive minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. In water, the water quality can reach purity and ethylene glycol, and can reach the balance of minerals in the body.

High-quality activated carbon filter element:

It is specially used to adsorb and purify residual chemicals (such as pesticides, chlorine, chemical pollutants, etc.).  In water and remove color and odor.

Mineralized activated filter element:

it can turn water into weakly alkaline small molecular water, and can release minerals that are beneficial to the human body through dissolution and filtration, so that the water quality can reach “mineralized” and “activated” healthy high-quality water . The invention uses rare and rare energy stones with the function of releasing far-infrared and negative ions on the earth as raw materials, and uses the high-tech technology of South China University of Technology as a mineralized activation filter to catalyze the synthesis of several times higher than the original far-infrared and anion functions Energy flowing elements. This machine has the function of turning water into weak alkaline small molecule water, releasing and filtering minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and can decompose impurities in the water, inhibit bacterial reproduction, keep water molecules in an active state, thereby promoting metabolism and improving Human immunity.

Magnetic field generator:

The function of separating water molecules by magnetic lines of force, turning large molecular water into small molecular water, enhancing water activity, and increasing dissolved oxygen in water.


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