The operating power of the equipment is: 20KW

The technical indicators of the reverse osmosis device are as follows:

  • Water production rate:   15m³/h
  • System desalination rate: 97%
  • Water recovery rate:  75%
  • There is an automatic flushing system in the system. When the system is shut down, open the electric flushing drain valve to flush the membrane module low pressure surface, flush away the concentrated water in the membrane module to prevent the concentrated water from scaling on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • The reverse osmosis system is equipped with 1 on-site instrument electrical operation panel and 1 on-site reverse osmosis pressure dial. The pressure, flow, conductivity and other measuring instruments of the reverse osmosis system are centrally installed in the instrument panel, which is convenient for maintenance, management and monitoring. .
  • The main instruments such as flow rate and electroplating are all made by American SIGNET company.
  • The start-up, operation, monitoring, shutdown and flushing operations of the reverse osmosis device are all interlocked automatic control.
  • The entire set of reverse osmosis devices are assembled on a set of sliding racks. The appearance is beautiful and easy to transport and install. Easier to operate.

Pretreatment system:

  • The total water output of the system is 15m3/h, and the recovery rate of the reverse osmosis unit is 75%, so the pretreatment water output is 20m3/h.
  • The raw water is first boosted by the raw water pump into the fine sand filter. The fine sand filter uses fine-grained quartz sand of 0.3~0.5mm.
  • The pretreatment system adopts an F2000mm spun yarn filter, and the water filtration capacity is 30m3/h during normal operation. In order to remove impurities such as mud, sand, rust, etc. that may be carried in the water, to ensure the quality of the reverse osmosis water, the inner wall of the filter is lined with rubber to prevent corrosion to prevent the generation of rust and pollute the water quality. The filter can automatically carry out backwashing, forward washing and putting into operation according to the accumulated running time or periodic water production. Ultrafiltration device, the membrane material is polyethersulfone, the cutting molecular weight is 10,000 Daltons, full flow filtration, the water passes through the filtration membrane under the pressure of 0.1~0.3MPa, and the particles are trapped in the membrane and can be trapped in the membrane. The inner surface, due to the small pores of the membrane, can effectively remove all suspended matter including bacteria and microorganisms. When pollutants accumulate on the surface of the membrane and the water production drops, the membrane surface is washed with backwash water to restore the membrane’s filtration performance.

Reverse osmosis desalination system:

  • The main equipment of reverse osmosis desalination system includes: high-pressure feed water pump, electric slow-opening door, reverse osmosis desalination device, scale inhibitor dosing, and reverse osmosis cleaning device.
  • filter effluent is first added with high-efficiency scale inhibitor PTP-0100, which can effectively prevent Ca, Mg, SiO2 and other substances in the water from scaling on the concentrated water side of the membrane. The scale inhibitor is added by a metering pump, and the metering pump is an imported electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump, which is reliable and leak-free.
  • The water output of the reverse osmosis device is 15m3/h. The reverse osmosis membrane element adopts the composite membrane with high desalination rate produced by American DOW Company or American Hyde Energy Company, and the desalination rate of its single membrane is as high as 99.6%. The pressure vessel is a six-component high-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic vessel imported from the United States, and each vessel is equipped with 5 membrane elements in a 2:1 two-stage arrangement, with a total of 15 membrane elements.

Instrument and control system of reverse osmosis device-automatic control system mainly includes:

  • Automatic start, stop and flushing operation of reverse osmosis device
  • It is controlled by PLC to complete the sequence start and stop including scale inhibitor metering pump, high-pressure pump, and electric slow-opening door; automatic low-pressure flushing of reverse osmosis device when out of service; interlocking operation of low-pressure pressure switch and system during operation; Operation monitoring and alarm, etc.
  • The on-site operation boxes of the reverse osmosis device and the scale inhibitor dosing unit are equipped with automatic/manual selection switches, which can be operated by the PLC control program or on the local electric control box.
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