Answers to common questions about reverse osmosis membrane and ion exchange resin (91-100)

91. How to use e-mail to transfer the ROSA5 design to another ROSA5 user, then he can use the Open Progect command to open the design?

On the computer interface displaying the calculation results, click Options, Click Create Database to create a new file xxx.mdb, and then you can e-mail the file xxx.mdb to the other party as an attachment. It is best to use WinZip to compress before sending. After receiving the e-mail attachment, the other party will save it in the specified directory of his computer, start the ROSA software, click File, Click Select Database , click xxx.mdb , Open, Yes, Select the project name in Select a Project, Click OK to enter the software design interface.

92. What is the relationship between Project and Case in software design?

The various calculation arrangements of a Project are called Case. For example, a series of simulation calculations can be performed for different fouling factors (FF1.00, 0.90, 0.85) to predict different running times (1 year , 2 or 3 years later). As another example, you may need to know the performance of the system under 5 different temperature conditions of 10oC, 15oC, 20oC, 25oC, and 30oC, so that a group of Cases can be accommodated under the same Project name.

93. Which Dow FILMTEC components are suitable for concentrating maple sap?

NF270 nanofiltration element

94. How long can new unopened Dow FILMTEC components be stored?

The biggest advantage of dry components is that they can be stored indefinitely, while the longest storage period of wet components is 1 year. At the same time, the protection fluid needs to be replaced regularly as required (please refer to the instructions in the relevant chapters).

95. What are the characteristics of Dow FILMTEC HSRO (thermal disinfection reverse osmosis)?

FILMTEC™HSRO thermal disinfection reverse osmosis membrane elements have good water quality and can withstand the disinfection of hot water. The HSRO element from the advanced fully automated production line has the highest effective membrane area in the membrane industry. This high area allows the system to be designed for lower operating flux or to maintain the same flux and use fewer membrane elements to save costs. The element adopts a full-fit structure without shell, which eliminates the dead water area between the standard membrane element and the inner wall of the pressure vessel, and is suitable for applications with special hygienic requirements. All components are in compliance with FDA standards.

96. Under the condition that there is no obvious performance loss, how many branched membrane elements are allowed to be connected in series in a pressure vessel?

There is no such regulation in theory, but the maximum allowable pressure difference of each pressure vessel is 60 psi (4.2 bar). At present, there are 8 core pressure vessels that can hold up to 8 membrane elements. For ultra-low pressure or very low pressure membrane elements with larger water production, in order to balance the water production at the front end and the end of the same pressure vessel, so that the difference is not too large, it is recommended to use a shorter pressure vessel as much as possible.

97. What is the ability of Dow FILMTEC RO to remove ammonia and nitrate?

When the pH is greater than 7.3, ammonia (NH4+) will be present in the water as dissolved ammonia gas. The reverse osmosis can penetrate the gaseous ammonia. The removal rate of NO3- depends on the pH. In general, the removal rate is 70~ About 95%.

98. How to save the software calculation results in the specified subdirectory?

The designed project can be saved in the subdirectory specified by the designer. This is because the database is allowed to be saved in any subdirectory. If the designer does not specify it, the default subdirectory is wtdata in c:\ROSA5\Data .mdb, the calculation results will also display the .html format files, these html files are also saved in the c:\ROSA5\Data subdirectory, from here you can also move them to any other subdirectory.

99. Who sells membrane cleaning agents or provides cleaning services?

We provide DIRECTOR Service to analyze the membrane system for you, and provide suggestions to solve the problem, but we do not sell or approve any cleaning chemicals, but there are many membrane cleaning companies, you can type “Membrane Cleaning Chemicals” , Look it up on the website. Before you seek help for membrane cleaning issues, you should first consult your system supplier or system designer.

100. Can RO membranes remove dissolved oxygen?

Dissolved oxygen will pass through the RO membrane.

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