Answers to common questions about reverse osmosis membrane and ion exchange resin (81-90)

81. When starting the ROSA software program, an error message 3706 will appear, what should I do?

When starting ROSA5, this problem sometimes occurs, please do as follows:
Open ROSA.INI in the ROSA directory and make the following modifications:
Change ROSA Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 to
ROSA Provider = Micrsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51
Change CFG Provider = Micrsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 to
CFG Provider = Micrsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51
Or reinstall mdac 2.5.exe in the computer

82. How to calculate RO system energy consumption?

When there is no horsepower (or power) value of the actual motor of the pump, you can use the following equation to estimate energy consumption:
HP = (inlet pressure psi) × (inlet flow gpm) × 1714 × (efficiency of pump and motor);
kWh = (inlet pressure bar) × (inlet flow m3/h) × 35.9 × (efficiency of pump and motor)
1kW = 1HP/1.34
Daily cost ($) = (required kW) × (24hr/day) × (electricity fee $/kWh)

83. Without system flushing, how long can the shutdown be allowed?

If the system uses an after-blocking agent, when the water temperature is between 20 and 38°C, about 4 hours; when it is below 20°C, about 8 hours;
If the system does not use scale inhibitor, about 1 day.

84. How to prevent ROSA results saved in .html type from being overwritten?

Method one, before running the design software again, change the name of the first .html result;
Method 2: You can change the name of the project when you run the design calculation again.

85. What is the minimum concentrated water discharge of Dow FILMTEC membrane elements?

The minimum concentrated water discharge of each element in the system depends on the membrane element size, model and inlet type (SDI15 value), please refer to the provisions of the design guidelines.

86. When I use the software for design calculation, the .html file containing the calculation result is automatically generated and saved in the DATA subdirectory. When the calculation is re-calculated, this .html file will be rewritten. I hope that the original And the recalculated .html results are retained, what should I do?

Rename the first .html, and then redesign the calculation or change the project name before redesigning the calculation.

87. When I save the wtdata.mdb database, it is too big to send by e-mail attachment, what should I do?

WinZip is used to compress the database, which can usually be compressed by 80 to 90%.

88. How to delete the design calculation from the database?

Open the name of the project you want to delete, and then press CTRL-R or on the ROSA System Selection and Data Entry interface, select Remove Project from the file menu.

89. Is there a format for the data recording format of the membrane system?

Yes, please refer to the introduction in the chapter of system operation management.

90. Can the calculation result be saved as a .txt file like ROSA4.3, so that it can be stored in word or excel format?

Nope. The current output format is .html. If you cut, copy, and paste into word or excel, it will cause confusion, but right-clicking on the .html file can usually activate the Open with Word (open in word format) option. At this time, you can generate a word table and then adjust the table, for example, use View , Page Layout (page format) and save as a file (.doc) in word format.

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