What is a precision filter?

Precision filter is also called surface filter, that is, the impurity particles removed from the water are distributed on the surface of the filter medium instead of distributed inside the filter medium. It is mainly used for the removal of trace suspended solids, before reverse osmosis and electrodialysis, and after the multi-media filter, acting as a security filter. The precision filter consists of a filter housing and a filter element installed inside. When working, water enters the filter element from the outside of the filter element, and the impurity particles in the water are blocked outside the filter element. The filtered water enters the filter element and is led out through the collection pipeline. . The filtration accuracy of the precision filter is generally 1.1-20μm, the accuracy of the filter element can be replaced at will, and the shell mainly has two structures: stainless steel and organic glass. The precision filter should be backwashed once a day during use.

Characteristics of raw water from security/precision filter:

After filtering by a multi-media filter and an activated carbon filter, the water will occasionally contain particulate impurities due to the leakage of the filter layer. These particles are potentially harmful to the reverse osmosis membrane and the vertical multistage centrifugal pump. As the name suggests, the security filter is the last line of protection before entering reverse osmosis.

Main application areas of chiwatec filtration products:

  1. Automobile industry: painting, paint and paint,
  2. Electronics industry: pre-treatment of process water, pre-filtration
  3. Edible oil and beverage industry: clarification and filtration of fruit juice and beverage juice, milk, etc., brewing, vinegar, edible oil
  4. Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industry: in addition to particles of chemicals, oils, etc.
  5. Biopharmaceutical industry: biological and fermentation, medical water, washing water, high viscous liquid, etc. filtration
  6. Environmental protection: industrial and domestic water, textile and papermaking wastewater, metal processing fluid

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