What are the three major problems of sewage treatment?

First of all, the discharge of sewage has not reached the standard, and gradually from low standard to high standard, only partial recycling can be achieved, which is still in the primary stage of sewage treatment; in the separation of the overall membrane structure, reverse osmosis is mainly used. Membranes and biofilms treat sewage to purify it into clean water, which can also be recycled and reused.

Then, the control of water pollution is not strict. At present, in the process of dephosphorization and nitrogen removal, technologies such as flocculation sedimentation technology, high-efficiency filtration technology, modern disinfection technology and artificial wetland are used to continuously develop ecological purification, but there are still many At present, the discharge of domestic sewage and industrial sewage is very large, it is very difficult to control, and the degree of change is not easy to control.

Finally, in terms of use and energy consumption treatment, sewage treatment technology is not mature enough. More than 70% of sewage treatment does not have a complete sludge treatment technology system. Even if there is a sludge treatment technology system, from the source and demand It is also difficult to be satisfied.

Therefore, through understanding the problems of sewage treatment, it is found that sewage treatment technology is still difficult, which requires more innovation and improvement of sewage treatment equipment, improve sewage treatment efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution.

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