What are the technical parameters of the large boiler softened water system?

Industrial boilers are one of the commonly used equipment in the field of industrial production. However, if the boiler water contains hardness salts, such as calcium and magnesium ions, scale will form on the heating surface of the boiler, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler and increasing fuel consumption. It may even cause local overheating to damage components and cause an explosion. Therefore, industrial boilers need to be softened or desalinated. (In industry, it is generally considered that water with hardness <1 is called soft water, 1-10 is generally called hard water, and water with hardness > 10 is mostly called high-hard water). Among the industrial boilers operating in my country, the failure rate of boilers due to water quality problems is as high as 25%. This is because the traditional softened water treatment equipment is complicated to operate, has poor work reliability, and has a high failure rate. Carbon steel tanks are the quintessence of the composite range. The wrought iron is welded to the surface of the steel body by a special process, and the rotomolding process is a one-time molding process. Longer service life under natural conditions. Therefore, it is an extremely excellent corrosion-resistant product. The inner lining surface of the product is flat, smooth and firm. Compared with traditional steel-lined plastic plate storage tanks, steel-lined rubber storage tanks, FRP tanks, and steel-lined FRP storage tanks, it has better corrosion resistance, no leakage, It has the characteristics of no peeling, wear resistance, certain pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, long life, etc. It is a necessary storage tank for water softening resin.

Main technical parameters of water softener

  1. The inlet water temperature is 5-50oC;
  2. The water hardness is less than or equal to 0.03/mmol/L;
  3. For users whose processing flow exceeds 20 tons/hour, the number of combined sets can be increased until the required flow;
  4. When the raw water hardness is ≥8mmol/L, it can be selected in the JKH series, but the water source water quality analysis report should be provided.

Features of automatic water softener:

The valve core of this control system has a unique and ingenious design. Piston grille – the core part of the seal ring is composed of piston, seal ring and partition grid, which not only has good hydraulic performance, but also is strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The brass valve core is firmly covered with a surface layer of PTFE with low friction resistance and wear resistance. When the valve is working, the valve core is the only power part. These features make the control valve reliable in performance and long in service life. Fully automatic controller: The regeneration program can be automatically started according to the flow or time setting. The operator only needs to add salt to the salt bucket regularly, and the rest of the work is done automatically by the water softener. The equipment has low failure rate and long service life, which can ensure that the water quality is 100% in good condition. High activity, fully suitable for user needs: single-tank, double-tank or double-tank system can be selected according to the water consumption, which can achieve uninterrupted supply of soft water. At the same time, the forward/countercurrent regeneration system can be optionally configured.

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