What are the effects of the shutdown error of pure water equipment?

Nowadays, the phenomenon of water pollution is bad, and pure water equipment is used in major enterprises and factories to ensure the water quality and sanitation of enterprises. Many companies are using pure water equipment for the first time and have no in-depth understanding of it. However, improper use of pure water equipment will lead to serious consequences for the equipment. Especially the shutdown problem, this is not an alarmist, let us understand the impact of improper shutdown of pure water equipment.

  1. When the pure water equipment is closed, the pressure is quickly reduced without thorough flushing, because the concentration of inorganic salts on the concentrated water side of the membrane is much higher than that of the raw water, which is easy to scale and cause the membrane to be polluted.
  2. Rinse with pretreated water with chemical reagents added, because the water of chemical reagents may cause membrane fouling during equipment shutdown.

It is worth noting that when the pure water equipment is ready to shut down, it should stop adding chemical reagents, gradually reduce the pressure to about 3bar, and rinse it with treated water for ten minutes, until the TDS of the concentrated water is very close to the TDS of the raw water. When using the equipment, be sure to strictly follow the steps of the manual to reduce unnecessary trouble and loss.

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