What are the characteristics of pure water equipment in the aquatic industry?

  1. The structure is compact and the floor space is small. The equipment is designed and produced according to the actual local conditions, with strong adaptability.
  2. Water saving and electricity saving, less energy consumption, economical and environmental protection, less system investment.
  3. Fully automatic control is adopted, which realizes remote monitoring and unmanned operation, and reduces the labor intensity.
  4. No need for acid-base regeneration, no discharge of chemical reagents, and no environmental pollution.
  5. Advanced technology, easy installation and maintenance, obvious separation effect of reverse osmosis membrane, high effluent quality, fully meet water requirements.
  6. The high-pressure pump has low noise and strong working efficiency.
  7. The reverse osmosis membrane has a good degree of desalination, is durable, and is easy to replace.
  8. The whole device can supply water continuously and uninterruptedly, which is stable and safe to ensure the water demand.

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