Pure water, mineral water solution?

According to the different water quality of the raw water and the application classification of the packaging

Purified water equipment

The ideal purified water is water that does not contain any other substances except water molecules; ordinary filtration, reverse osmosis membrane device and sterilization system are used to remove the main impurities and most of the water. Salt.
Advantages: to maximize the removal of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and organic pollutants in the water. In general industries, conductivity is used to express the cleanliness of purified water. The state stipulates that the conductivity of purified water is ≤10us/cm. Electrical conductivity is only an important indicator of pure water.

Mineral water equipment

Water with minerals in the water exceeding a certain standard; and water certified by the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. It is made by using groundwater rich in minerals and trace elements as raw materials and undergoing necessary sanitary treatment.
Advantages: Contains essential trace elements for the human body, which is beneficial to the body’s metabolism and health care. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of macromolecular substances. Ultrafiltration separation operates at room temperature and low pressure, without phase change, simple structure, convenient operation, wide application, and strong versatility. Concentrated ultrafiltration has a wide range of applications in food, fermentation, medicine, environmental protection, and chemical industries. Water filtration type ultrafiltration can be used to remove colloidal particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, proteins and high molecular organic substances in water. It can be used to prepare process water and drinking mineral water separately, and can also be used for reverse osmosis pretreatment and terminal finishing of high-purity water.
Filtration principle: source water → source water pump → mechanical filter → activated carbon filter → precision filter → hollow fiber ultrafiltration main filtration system → sterilization and disinfection system → water storage system.

Mountain spring water equipment

Mountain spring water contains a certain proportion of mineral elements in the raw water; it undergoes necessary filtration and disinfection processes.

Mineralized water equipment

(also known as mineral water) is made by adding a certain proportion of trace elements to raw water after reverse osmosis treatment.
Advantages: The content of various elements is more reasonable.

Distilled water equipment

Raw material water is re-condensed after being heated and vaporized.
Advantages: After high temperature vaporization, it can kill microorganisms most thoroughly.

Main machinery introduction:

Because of the different characteristics of various waters, their production processes are also different. For example, pure water has high requirements for water purification, while mineral water focuses on the content of minerals.

  1. Water treatment system
    The process used in a water treatment system depends on the quality of the water source and the purpose of the water. The selected process can basically be divided into three parts: pretreatment system, advanced treatment system and terminal treatment system. The pretreatment includes multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, softeners, iron and manganese removal filters, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, etc.; advanced treatment is membrane treatment and ion exchange; post-treatment systems are sterilization and ion exchange.
  2. Water sterilization, disinfection and storage system
  3. Bottled water production equipment
    RJM14 is the most mature bottle blowing machine with Tech-Long technology, and its stability and bottle forming rate are very high. It is the most commonly used bottle blowing machine for water solutions.
  4. Bottled water production equipment
    bottled water filling machine adopts a large number of new technologies, new processes and new structures, and the product quality is at the leading level in the same industry. The characteristic is that the neck of the bottle is stuck between the bottle-holding plate and the upper-shaped plate of the star-wheel-shaped plate, and the bottle-holding plate is rotated by the star-wheel drive to realize the transfer of the bottle, thereby realizing automatic bottle washing, filling and sealing. The three major processes of the cap have the advantages of small bottle wear, simple bottle type replacement, accurate and stable transmission, and scientific process flow.
2000LPH mineral water treatment machine

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