What are the advantages of urban landfill leachate treatment equipment?

Combined with the needs of the environmental protection industry, the urban landfill leachate treatment equipment provides a reliable guarantee. It adopts a mechanized and intelligent comprehensive system to replace manual labor, reduce human-caused work errors, and achieve the effect of national emission standards. So what are the benefits of using landfill leachate treatment equipment in urban life?

Landfill leachate refers to the moisture contained in the garbage itself in the landfill, the rain and snow water and other water entering the landfill, deducting the saturated water holding capacity of the garbage and the overburden, and formed through the garbage layer and the overburden. A high-concentration wastewater.


The whole process of the continuous entry of domestic waste into the pyrolysis gasifier can be operated continuously for 24 hours, with stable production, continuous gas production, and continuous supply of gas to users.

Good resource utilization effect

When the domestic waste is treated by the pyrolysis gasification process, the sorting process first thoroughly sorts the gasifiable substances, organic nutrient soil and non-gasiable substances. Combustible gas is de-pyrolyzed in a gasifier, and the resulting combustible gas can be formed into a commercial gas. Organic nutrient soil can be made into organic fertilizer or organic compound fertilizer to obtain benefits. It cannot be gasified to make bricks or landfill. Thorough utilization of resources. can reach more than 75%.

Significant reduction

After the municipal solid waste is treated by the pyrolysis gasification process, it can be reduced by more than 80% at one time.

Completely harmless

After the primary garbage is treated by pyrolysis and gasification, various harmful bacteria can be killed and the odor can be completely removed.

Clean production can be achieved, which is conducive to environmental protection

In the landfill leachate treatment process, all production processes can form clean production, and all gases, liquids and waste residues are discharged up to the standard.

Low operating cost

Combining with the method of pyrolysis and gasification, the generated combustible gas is purified, purified and pressurized to form a commercial gas pipeline for transportation. Therefore, the running cost is low.

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