Troubleshooting of reverse osmosis equipment

As we all know, the reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the entire reverse osmosis equipment system, so users should always pay attention to the maintenance of the reverse osmosis membrane during the daily use of the reverse osmosis equipment. Once a fault occurs, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will affect to the service life of reverse osmosis equipment. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the failure analysis and solution of reverse osmosis equipment, so that the majority of users can have a better understanding of reverse osmosis equipment.

In the process of using reverse osmosis equipment, some inevitable equipment failures often occur, and sometimes there are some phenomena that cannot be started. In response to this phenomenon, Huahai Seawater Treatment simply analyzes the reasons and solutions.

After on-site testing in our company, it was found that when the reverse osmosis equipment could not be started, it was because the pressure protection switch on the road of the water pipe and the water passage of the pressure protection switch in front of the high-pressure pump were blocked by a large amount of rust, and the pressure could not be sensed. There is no way to output a signal to the control program, resulting in the inability to start the device.

After checking the roads of the reverse osmosis equipment such as water pipes, it can be concluded that the inappropriate selection of the booster pump causes the booster pump to corrode rapidly, causing a large amount of iron ions to enter the pipeline. After we stopped using the booster pump and cleaned the pressure protection switch, the equipment returned to normal operation. After the analysis of the failure phenomenon, the main reason for the inability to start the equipment normally and the blockage of the security filter is the increase of iron ions in the raw water. affect the normal operation of the device.

The information provided by the above editor is a detailed introduction to the failure analysis and solution of reverse osmosis equipment. I hope these information will be helpful to you.

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