Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

The application of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment (membrane separation) technology has made reverse osmosis ultrapure water equipment an improvement from the traditional cation exchanger, decarburization, anion exchanger, and composite ion exchanger. In recent years, the EDI (Electro Deionization) technology, which has been promoted and applied abroad, is a revolution in ultra-pure water manufacturing technology. Since then, it has entered an ultra-pure water that can produce up to 18MΩ•CM without regenerating chemicals. Used in semiconductor, integrated circuit and other industries.

The reverse osmosis device developed by the company is designed with special RO technology, and the key components and equipment are imported brand-name products. The technology is advanced, the quality is reliable, the scalability is strong, the structure is reasonable, the area is small, the water utilization rate is high, the energy consumption is low, and it is fully automated. Operation, simple operation and maintenance. The reverse osmosis system is designed and manufactured according to user requirements. The general water production limit is 0.25m3/hr, and the upper limit is not limited. The water recovery rate can generally reach more than 75%, and the salt rejection rate is >98%. The water production will change with the decrease of the inlet water temperature and the aging or contamination of the reverse osmosis membrane.

The typical process flow of modern ultrapure water manufacturing industrial pure water equipment adopted by our company is:

1: Pretreatment-reverse osmosis-purified water tank-ion exchanger-ultraviolet lamp-pure water pump-water point
2: Pretreatment-primary reverse osmosis-secondary reverse osmosis (positive charge reverse osmosis membrane)-purified water tank-pure water pump-ultraviolet lamp-water point
3: Pretreatment-reverse osmosis-intermediate water tank-intermediate water pump-EDI device-purified water tank-pure water pump-UV lamp-water point
4: Pretreatment→Ultraviolet sterilization device→First-level RO device→Secondary RO device→Intermediate water tank→EDI device→Deoxidizer→Nitrogen-sealed pure water tank→TOC UV removal device→Polishing mixed bed→Ultrafiltration device→Water point

The water quality complies with the American ASTM standard, the ultrapure water quality standard of the Ministry of Electronics (18MΩ*cm, 15MΩ*cm, 2MΩ*cm and 0.5MΩ*cm four levels)

RO water plant

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