The composition mode and monitoring parameters of the monitoring system of water purification plant

1. The composition mode of the water purification plant monitoring system

The monitoring system of a water purification plant is generally composed of a two-level system: the water plant management layer and the on-site monitoring layer, which are monitored according to the principles of centralized management and decentralized control. In the engineering design, the plant-level computer system (that is, the main station) is located in the central control room of the water plant, and the number and location of each on-site monitoring station (that is, substation) are determined according to the process flow and the location and degree of dispersion of the structures. Generally, the on-site substations of surface water plants are set up as: inlet pump station substation, reaction precipitation and chlorination dosing substation, filtration substation, water pumping station and substation for power transformation and distribution room, and sludge treatment substation. The data of each monitoring instrument is sent to the computer system, which can be displayed, controlled and printed, recorded, and alarmed on the industrial computer of the monitoring station.

2. Monitoring parameters of each substation

  • Monitoring parameters of the inlet pump house substation
    Water quality parameters: source water turbidity, pH value, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.
    Operating parameters: adjusting pool water level, suction well water level, source water flow, pump power sub-power, total power pump station, etc.
  • Reaction precipitation, chlorine dosing substation
    Water quality parameters: turbidity at the outlet of the sedimentation tank, residual chlorine after filtration, and SCD value.
    Operating parameters: sedimentation tank water level, flow rate before sedimentation, mixing tank level, chemical tank level, chemical concentration, sedimentation tank mud level.
  • Filter substation
    Water quality parameters: water turbidity and residual chlorine after filtration.
    Operating parameters: filter water level, head loss, backwash water flow, flushing water tank water level.
  • Water pump room and substation of power distribution room
    Water quality parameters: factory water flow, residual chlorine.
    Operating parameters: factory water pressure, flow, clean water level, suction well water level, AC voltage, AC current, electricity, etc.
  • Sludge treatment substation
    Operating parameters: return tank water level, water volume, concentration tank water level, return water turbidity.
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