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This is a sewage water treatment plant for oil field. Raw water COD is 400ppm, BOD is 200ppm. The outlet water quality is BOD 50ppm, COD is 6ppm. The capacity is 50m3/day.

The complete set of the machine is combined two containers. The black one is underground with adjust tank, grid and oil separator, septic tank and adjust tank. The blue one is on the ground with Anaerobic tank, Aerobic tank, MBR tank and cleaning water tank as well as the control room. All the pipelines are connected well inside the container. When the machine is arrived at site, the client only need to connect the inlet water, outlet water and electrical power supply.

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Dec. 2023


Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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50TPD sewage water treatment plant (3)
50TPD sewage water treatment plant (2)
50TPD sewage water treatment plant (1)

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