Introduction of Project

User introduction:

This system is designed to treat waste water of Circuit board factory. The product water will be reused for production again. The raw water is pre-treated locally and then flows into this UF system. The main parts are UF module, backwash system and CIP system. After running for 30min, the machine will have a backwash automatically for 30s. Then rework again. The CIP system will be used for after around 3months running. The machine will have a completely chemical cleaning to prolong the life time of the UF membrane.

Feed water SS:30.00mg/L
Feed water COD:150
Production:1 x 10.0 m3/hr
Recovery rater:90%
Production water SS5mg/L
Production water COD20 mg/L

Project Details


May. 2024


Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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