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This is a cosmetics industrial water treatment plant. The raw water is ground water with conducitivity of 180ppm. Required product water conductivity is less than 1ppm. Pereamte water is use to manufacturer for skin care products such as lotions, creams, and toner.The main technics adopted in this system is pre-treatment plus double pass RO. Electrical control adopted PLC which could make sure the machine running in a reasnoable sequence and could stop running when product water tank full and restart when product water tank low level. The final product water is sterilized by UV sterilizer which ensure the permeate is no bacteria and virus for further process.

Feed water quality180ppm
Production:1 x 3.0 m3/hr DM plant
Recovery rater:60% for 1st pass, 80% for 2nd pass
Conductivity for the permeated water:no more than 1ppm

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Mar. 2021




Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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