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This water treatment plant adopted Reverse osmosis technology. Equipped with pre-treatment of ACF, MMF and water softener.

Reverse osmosis advantages   

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is basically belong to physical method, in desalination process, it has many advantages compared to traditional water treatment methods

  1. physical process, no discharge of chemical residues
  2. The system is simple, easy operation, water production quality stable, secondly reverse osmosis  can obtain high-quality water
  3. Adopt to a wider range of raw water quality, not only brackish water, sea water andeven treated sewage effluent
  4. Continuous process yielding a stable water quality
  5. Less operation maintenance
  6. Effectively removes silica in water, upto 99.5% removal
  7. Removes organic compounds and colloidal substances, upto 95% removal
  8. Avoid turbine tail acid corrosion due to organic matter decompose

Principle of design:

  1. The system has high degree of automation, real time water quality monitor.
  2. The system have low level of raw water protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection
  3. The system will automatic start when permeatetank is at low level, automatic stop when permeate tank is at high level or raw water tank at low level, automatic flush before system starts or stops, timing flush, malfunction alarm
  4. The system is controlled automatically or manually, the parameter can be reset by customer.
  5. The system have high salt rejection of above 98%, and have the high water recovery rate about 60%

Electrical control

  1. The electrical system adopted PLC centralized control with the core technology of PLC. The whole control system is compound by breaker, contactor, thermal relay, auxiliary relay, button, indication light etc.
  2. The control system has the general control function of reverse osmosis. Such as, flushing when system starts, timely flushing, low pressure protection and overload protection.
  3. The control system also has two function of permeate liquid level high and permeate liquid level low.
Feed water quality2000ppm
Recovery rater:65%
Conductivity for the permeated water:100us/cm

Project Details


Oct. 2021




Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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