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This system is designed to purify the tap water for Ethiopia International Hotel. The designed capacity is 2000L/H. Product water is used for drinking and cooking. Raw water is salty at TDS of 4000ppm. We adopted bracksih water treatment technology to ensure the RO membrane working in good condition without scaling in a short time. The technics adopted is double pass RO. After double pass RO treatment, we add EDI unit for optional as client required. The product water from double pass RO can be further treated as ultrapure water.

Feed water quality4000ppm
Recovery rater:65% for 1st pass, 85% for 2nd pass
Conductivity for the permeated water:no more than 10ppm

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Mar. 2021




Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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2TPH double pass RO

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